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Overview[ | ]

Unique Spider Girl.
Meira can be seen in the market as the miracle healer on the first 3 days (excluding day 0) of the game and then subsequently every 10th day. She offers to join your team after she heals 5 units, so you need to suffer 5 injuries and pay 500 gold.

Needless to say, you won't be able to recruit her if you chose nothing as a result of defeat at the start of the game.
If you chose death as a result of defeat, your only hope is to find and recruit enemies with the special trait DieHard.

She's a Max Level 15 character that you can grab right on day zero, simply by getting injured on purpose in training fights, and that's worth a lot in itself. Though do note that she charges you a mercenary salary of 150g a day, not to be confused with the Mercenary special trait that increases salary.
With the 500g you already paid upfront, you might struggle to stay out of debt if you get her so quickly. Selling the HealingSilk she produces won't quite cover it, and while you could get her to earn her keep at the Brothel, you'll need to keep an eye on her stamina since she'll need it to treat injuries.

Combat[ | ]

While Meira is a very good support unit, she also has the potential to be a strong frontline fighter. The combination of her jump movement, Agile and Precision gives her the mobility to get into position where she can utilize multi hit weapons like spears and broadswords to maximize damage while not injuring allies.

Overworld[ | ]

Her unique skill HealingWeb lets her heal and remove injuries outside combat on the Overworld, as well as remove injuries at home through her character screen. Her Mending trait is also quite rare.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Can't be changed with gender potions.