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List of Material in the game and how to obtain it (other than buying it from the market)

Material Usage Obtain
Semen ExpPotion, MalePotion, FutaPotion, EnergyPotion, MushroomEssence Milking (Farm, Character)
Milk HealthPotion, StrongHealth, ExpPotion, FemalePotion, FutaPotion, LactationPotion, MushroomEssence Milking (Farm, Character)
S_Floral StrongHealth, FemalePotion, LactationPotion, HealingRobe Milking (Farm, Character)
S_Light Herbs, HealthPotion, ManaPotion, MagicPotion, HealStaff, StrongHealth, ExpPotion, EnergyPotion, MagicBandage, HealingNet, HealingRobe, TeleportStone, HealingNectar, HolyBow Milking (Farm, Character)
S_Dark DrainPowder, ShadowPotion, MagicPotion, MagicRing, ExpPotion, DrainingBow Milking (Farm, Character)
S_Aqua FemalePotion, MalePotion, Mutagen Milking (Farm, Character)
S_Lava MagicPotion, FireStaff, Mutagen Milking (Farm, Character)
S_Stone StonePotion Milking (Farm, Character)
Leather LeatherArmor, LeatherBoots, LeatherGlove O
Fur LeatherBoots, HealingRobe O
Wool LeatherBoots O
Silk Net, Robe, LeatherGlove, ManaAmulet, Spear, MagicWhip, Bow, DancerOutfit, BlinkingCloak, HolyBow, DrainingBow, ShadowGlove O
Aphrodisiac ManaPotion, MagicWhip, EnergyPotion, LactationPotion, LustPotion O
HealingHerb Herbs, HealthPotion, ManaPotion, StrongHealth O
Tentacle LustPotion O
PortalFragment BossBait, MythrilDagger, BlinkingCloak, TeleportStone, Mutagen, StabilityPotion, SlimePoison, ShadowGlove, LustPotion, ManaWorm, EvolutionPotion O
CrystalFragment RuneStaff, RuneArmor, MythrilArmor, StabilityPotion, SpectralSword, CrystalSword, CrystalShield, MaxLevelPotion O
FairyDust ExpPotion, GhostWings, MaxLevelPotion Milking (Farm, Character)
DrainRoot DrainPowder, DrainingBow O
RuneWood RuneStaff, RuneArmor, RuneAmulet, RuneShield, StabilityPotion, HolyBow, DrainingBow O
ShadowFlower ShadowPotion, ShadowGlove O
SwampFlower MagicPotion O
PlantMatter Staff, Shield, HealStaff, FireStaff, MagicWhip O
Mushroom BossBait, MushroomEssence O
Poison PoisonedBlade, PoisonGrenade, SlimePoison O
LifeBlood StrongHealth, MaxLevelPotion O
SunFish ExpPotion O
RainFish ExpPotion O
Obsidian ObsidianSword, MalePotion Farm Upgrade Lava Room
HealingSilk GhostWings, MagicBandage, HealingNet, HealingRobe, RuneAmulet, StabilityPotion O
Scales ScaleArmor, StonePotion O
CaveFish StonePotion O
Slime Mutagen, SlimePoison O
Honey HealingNectar O
TentacleFish LustPotion O
ManaWorms ManaWorm O
LightShard MaxLevelPotion O
Iron Sword, BasicRing, PoisonedBlade, GreatSword, Spear, MagicRing, LavaScaleArmor, SpectralSword, CrystalSword, CrystalShield Mining Mountains
PoisonGlands PoisonedBlade O
Feathers Bow O
Mythril BreakerSword, MythrilDagger, MythrilArmor O
Ectoplasm GhostWings, SpectralSword O
Fangs ScaleArmor O
DarkMatter GhostWings, BlinkingCloak, ShadowGlove O
LavaScale LavaScaleArmor O