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Overview[ | ]

Unique A_Unit, that can be found on forest tiles.
When the event triggers your party's Mana will be drained and you will be given options to salvage, recruit or leave her alone. Salvaging will give you the powerful Blaster weapon, the recipe to craft more, and some crystals. Otherwise you can choose whether she joins your party or not. Note that there appears to be a time limit to recruiting her, if you go too long without recruiting AN_3 she starts showing up in the rival Druid's party.

She has a unique ability in town: Copy Genetics, which allows her to copy genetic species from any other character, even fused and summoned ones, allowing Evolution & Creation to ritual with her and gain points for her two copied species. Given that she can have her genetic Max Level raised to 20 via her quests, this effectively allows the player to get the full 20 points for any species, limited only by her stamina (costs 20), the targets stamina (20) and energy (1) and the fact that the target must be male or futa.

Combat[ | ]

Overall AN_3 is a solid unit that you can customize to a degree, with good skills and defensive capabilities. Be mindful of her attack skills, as they can hit other party members if they are within range.

Events[ | ]

Questline[ | ]

AN_3 has a questline tied to her, which requires her to be in your party:

Quest 1 triggers on snow tile events. Her Max Level (genetic and normal) will be increased by 5 and she will lose her Infertile trait.

Quest 2 triggers in cave portal events, which you can choose to ignore. You will be given a wide selection of options, listed below, from which you can pick one. No matter the choice her Max Level (genetic and normal) will increase by another 5. Each modifies her capabilities in a significant way, except the final two:

- JetPack/Jet propulsion: change movement type/action
This changes her movement type to flying

- Sonar: grants Magic Vision and agility
This gives her the special traits Magic Vision and Agile

- RailGun: upgrade LaserBeam (more efficient)
This upgrades her LaserBeam to RailGun, which reduces Mana and cooldown by 50% while increasing range by 50%

- Exploding/Explosive: powerful selfdestruction skill
This swaps her KnockBack for Explosion and increases her Magic by 2

- Strength/Power: increase physical power and learn new skill
This changes her KnockBack to PowerPunch and increases her Strength by 2

- ChainLightning: Upgraded ForkedLightning
This upgrades her ForkedLightning to ChainLightning, letting the attack jump an additional time, and increases her Magic by 1 and Mana by 5

- Energy/Tank: increases milk/energy capacity. Can drain energy when fucked
This doubles her energy/milk storage, increases her Mana by 10, and gives her the Abdomen trait

- Knowledge: ???
Where other choices have a description, this only has question marks, and the text is orange instead of yellow.
You can now build a home upgrade: ManaFilter (grants one CrystalFragment per day).
Gives you a quest:
"Collect a sample of a Guardian/Lymean and return to the nearest collection point. The nearest place is apparently something called Neora." This option directs you towards the True Ending. Use Copy Genetics on a Guardian/Lymean hybrid and bring AN_3 with you to Alternative ending portal. After beating Overseer and Horror, choose to follow AN_3.

The easiest way to get a Guardian/Lymean is by recruiting Avy as she has Guardian genes and is available the quickest. You can try Breeding her with a Lymean to get the gene combo you need for AN_3, but she has low Fertility and Virility. It'll be faster if you copy her genes with AN_3's ability and use her for Breeding instead after getting rid of her Infertile trait.

- No change
This boosts her relation to you by 50, and gives you 2 CrystalFragments and 5 Iron in crafting materials

Notes[ | ]

  • She can be utilized in Breeding, with her Energizer trait that gives eggs 50% growth progress from conception. If you combine it with Hatcher, which is available when creating the Main Character, it's possible to make eggs hatch immediately.
  • As the Main Character, AN_3 can replace allied skills with the following skills. Ironically, AN_3 can not do the same for herself.
ForkedLightning ChargeUp Spark ElectricCharge
ChainLightning RailGun PowerSpark

Trivia[ | ]