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Overview[ | ]

Unique Beast Girl.
Desna is similar to other Beast Girls, though she appears as an Ice type with a minor tradeoff in Mana and Magic to grant her more Health and Lust. Her HighMetabolism trait grants +10 stamina a day to anyone except the Main Character, though this comes with a doubled food cost, it can still be useful for Brothel and Farm workers, or active party members.

Combat[ | ]

Desna has the unique and inheritable skill IceClaws which can make her extra useful in the native Portal you encounter her in, as well as future lava and desert Portals. Combined with her Jump skill, she is decently suited for frontline recruiting and damage dealing.

Events[ | ]

Desna can be encountered on Desert tiles if the party has 5 or more units of food on them, she will state that she's hungry and request for 5 units of food. If accepted, the party will rest in her cool, fluffy tail while she eats, granting +20 morale to each member. This event will need to be triggered 6 times, on the 6th encounter she will come along with you.

Notes[ | ]

  • Does not have the Unique special trait

Trivia[ | ]