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Overview[ | ]

Unique Fairy. Celia can be found in forest tile events. If you agree to help, the entire party will lose most of their Health and she will join.

It should be noted that despite her high base Magic, her Magic Growth is rather poor. However Celia is Loyal, which boosts her growth if you picked Familiar at the start on the Main Character in addition to halving her salary.

- Her InnerHealing skill can convert targets own Mana to Health, making it very efficient on units that can restore Mana by themselves or on units with excess Mana.
- She can use BloodHealing to heal other units at the cost of her own Health if she happens to run out of Mana.
- AbsorbWater passive and HardenSkin let her recover Mana with Channeling.
- She has Medic trait, that lets her to heal injuries while exploring Portals.

Combat[ | ]

Celia is a pure support unit who doesn't even wield weapons, but her combination of Poison and Pheromones mean even a tap from her can't be overlooked. She also has some unique skills that synergize with her passives to make her a very effective healer.

Home[ | ]

Celia has no unique interactions at home. Dating her rewards a second item with good results (often EXP Potions). As a fairy, she also produces Fairy Dust at the farm, which can also be handy for crafting more potions if you haven't been able to find regular fairies yet.

Events[ | ]

Celia has a second event that will trigger once she reaches her Max Level. The event will be at the Town beach, where a sex scene will take place and Celia will grow further. Her movement type changes to flying, move Speed drops to 3, her Magic increases by 2, she gain 5 Max Levels and the Main Character gains the skill Refill, which can only be used on Celia.

Notes[ | ]

  • Can't be changed with gender potions.
  • Creation players don't get most of the benefits from her second event, only learning the Refill skill.

Trivia[ | ]