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Overview[ | ]

4th Main Character's Assistant.

Can be summoned in combat with EmpowerYurei skill which can be acquired by finishing First Encounter portal as 4th Main Character and choosing "Empower Yurei" option.

Combat[ | ]

Yurei is a relatively versatile unit which can either either deal a huge burst of lust damage with her MassSeduction or a great deal of magic damage with the rest of her spells. One spell of note is her unique TerrainBlast which synergizes well with both her own spells and the 4th Main Character's GhostBeam and their ability to adapt terraforming spells to units.

Summoning her in combat costs neither any AP nor any Mana. She also starts with 2 AP which makes her a great a great source of damage at any point of combat.

Yurei can only be summoned once during combat and will get destroyed on turn end because of her DestroySelf passive.

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