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Overview[ | ]

Unique Shade.
Shadow can be found on shadow tile events in rare shadow biomes, which require Glowing to access.

Combat[ | ]

Shadow is a terrifying combatant with high Strength and extreme Speed, allowing her to brute force terrain and move like a regular unit despite her shadow movement.
She's no glass cannon either, instead sacrificing her Lust Growth to have decent durability, and even good Speed Growth despite her already absurd movement.
The low Lust Growth doesn't become a problem thanks to her Personalities adding to her already high Lust Resistance.
This is only further enhanced as she comes with the Potential trait and a Max Level of 15, higher than most Unique characters.

If that's not scary enough, her attacks give her Focused which essentially makes her an Agile character, while simultaneously inflicting ChainCurse, a powerful passive unique to Shades.
If the target is already cursed it allows them to curse every other enemy, as well as draining their energy and Mana.

With proper support Shadow becomes nigh unstoppable, particularly in a shadow party. Make no mistake, Shadow is not someone you want to fight.

Events[ | ]

The event will give you a chance to walk away, but to proceed you need to go towards the commotion where you will find Shadow feeding her pet with the remains of soldiers she butchered, reducing the party's morale.

Beware if you choose to fight, see the Death Fly entry and Shadow's own capabilities described above.

After beating her you get some special loot consisting of HealthHerbs, ManaHerbs, a legendary item and a MaxLevelPotion. Otherwise you can simply recruit her and her pet (named Pet), a unique Hole Worm.

Notes[ | ]

  • Shadow will likely be the only Shade you see, unless you put in the effort to go to Avy's home-world.
  • Shadow's Speed is one of the best in the game.

Trivia[ | ]