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Overview[ | ]

A unique Succubus.
Xhana can be recruited in the town Lake event. The event triggers after Avy reaches level 10. Avy offers to summon her friend, for a blood sacrifice, you can choose to agree, MC loses 30 max morale, or leave. If you choose to recruit Xhana, she also comes with her Demon familiar.

Xhana also is one of Ryxhora's students, and is therefore part of your party from the start if Ryxhora is your MC.

Combat[ | ]

Xhana can be considered the strongest character in the game, as her potential is infinite. The combination of her trait Focusing and skill SoulDevour, she can raise her mana, magic and strength forever, or at least as long as you're willing to put time into feeding her. This is further empowered by her multi hit melee and magic attacks. She can also be affected a total of 20 times by stat changing potions (and similar) instead of the usual 5; this stacks with the trait stable increasing the limit to 25. Her drawback is that she has a low health pool and max lust.

Another interesting feature is that her Focusing trait can be passed on. Xhana is not the only unit who can raise their max mana. Glow Worms and Mana Worms can also scale infinitely.

Events[ | ]

After strengthening Xhana for a while, and having a MC with a cock, an Event in the Forest will become available. Feeling yourself drawn to this place, you find Xhana waiting for you, legs lifted up as her holes are exposed for you. She expresses her gratitude towards you for making her stronger, and proposes to share with you some of this newfound power.

You can either chose Mana or Magic, both offer you a new Gallery entry as Xhana slides your large cock within herself, and you'll feel a nice tingling as she starts glowing. After you wake up from your climax, Xhana will have left you with some new powers :

  • Mana : Gained + 5 base Mana and learned Blink.
  • Magic : Gained + 2 MagicStrength and learned IceBeam.

Note that even if she proposes to "share", Xhana won't lose any stats herself.

Notes[ | ]

  • Xhana is part of Avy's questline. Recruiting Xhana is the first step for this quest.

Trivia[ | ]