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A Forest which many wild plants and animals are native to.

Actions[ | ]

Hunt (30m)[ | ]

Spend 30 minutes (10 Stamina) hunting for 2-8? Food.

Tame (1h)[ | ]

Spend 1 hour (10 Stamina) looking for wild Animals to Tame (Only one creature can be tamed per day, if there are no animals to tame, instead finds 2-8? Food until a creature is found).

Vine Competition[ | ]

Minigame in which character with the SpawnVine skill can be used to collect as many crystals as you can (at the cost of 10 Stamina).
Minigame itself is similar to the "Snake" game, but you control 2 vines at the same time and there is 40 second time limit.

Character stats affect the vines in various ways:

  • Hp/Mana: same effect as usual
  • Magic: affects speed
  • Armor: reduces damage from obstacles
  • Size: small = less obstacles

Collection[ | ]

You can give various Floral Materials to the Forest Stalker that she will grow in exchange for sex (30 minutes)

These materials are: HealingHerbs / Mushrooms / SwampFlower / ShadowFlower / DrainRoot / BloodFruit / TentaclePlantSeeds / KingsShroom / NeedlePlant