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The Succubus is a sensual species, spreading lustful desires and tempting enemies to erode their battle-readiness. They are dedicated to seducing enemies and recruiting them. However Succubi themselves do not have any real resistance against lust damage and, as such, tit-for-tat counteroffensive is something to look out for.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

A Succubus easily fills in the role of the seducer and the recruiter in any given team. Their lust output is excellent and their Flying movement allows them to approach a horny opponent and make an attempt at recruiting in the same turn. A Succubus can use TailWhip to deal regular damage (with lust damage on top) from a tile away if necessary.

Their other Skills, such as Drain and Dominate, are more situational as some require the target to be a specific sex or for their Energy to be depleted. But the Succubi's most significant combat limitation is that their entire kit revolves around seduction and lust - a system that non-humanoids simply ignore.

Meeting a Succubus as a hostile can be troublesome if your shock troops do not include a way to relieve overwhelming lust. Striking down a Succubus at similar levels before she can seduce your frontline combatants is easy to manage, but a surviving Succubus can easily inflict debilitating lust on at least a single unit. High lust slashes damage output and damage reduction by half and full lust incapacitates the unit until they are sated somehow. The fact that Succubi do not have access to many direct-damaging Skills encourages AI Succubi to seduce more.

Overworld[ | ]

A Succubus's Pheromones allow her to use Lure, which can cause a hostile party native to the biome to appear. This can be used to conserve Stamina when your sole goal is to fight a certain number of times or look for a rare encounter from a rare biome.

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

A Succubus working at the Farm can produce Aphrodisiac - a core ingredient in many potions with high non-combat utility along with a selection of items more directly useful in battles.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • They seem to be addicted to cum, feeding almost exclusively on it if possible.