Poison Lizard

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Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

An all-rounder with few weaknesses. Their Stats aren't the best, but their utility cannot be denied as they can dish out Poison and Lust Damage to multiple enemies at once.

They are at home on both land and water and have no issues with frontline combat, hitting multiple units with Swing attacks or even at range with PoisonSting and Sting. They can also Regenerate to heal themselves. However StrongPheromones means they use Mana with every attack even when not using a skill, and they don't boast a great Mana pool.

You might want to keep them in the back instead, where they can seduce enemies with LifeSteal onSeduce and SexAffinity.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • They have two poisonous stings.
  • Able to use various aphrodisiacs and poisons to enhance every sexual experience.