Angel Demon

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Overview[ | ]

The Angel Demon are a species with healing powers that can temporarily reject those powers for a huge strength boost.

Combat[ | ]

Angel Demons are capable of pulling double-duty as support and combatant via their signature skill Shift. This does many things as it transforms them into a Succubus-like form:

They don't get SexAffinity though, so they fall behind regular Succubus in terms of seduction. They also can't cancel the transformation, so you've either got to wait out the 5 turns or cleanse it.

Otherwise in their default form they are sturdy healers as they have the second best durability of Lymean hybrids, and can DrainMana onSeduce which gives them more range than most for stealing Mana. However they're not the best healers with fixed Heal and potential GreaterHeal, so try to get them better skills.

Overworld[ | ]

They can restore a unit's Health with Heal, or GreaterHeal if they have it.
If they have Teleport they can send a unit (that isn't the Main Character or themselves) home at any time.

Breeding[ | ]

With an even 22 base for both Fertility and Virility, they're one of the best options for breeding Lymean hybrids.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Their personality seems to shift by transforming. In their normal form they want to keep their body untouched, while in Succubus form, they just try to fuck everyone around them, to make up for their suppressed urges.