Lizard Taur

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Lizard Taurs have high Health and Strength with some Speed and Armor thrown into the mix, making them excellent frontline fighters.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Lizard Taurs are indiscriminate brawlers on the battlefield, taking a Swing at any enemies they come across as they charge over land and water. Even without a weapon their Poison Swing attacks are dangerous, and their Health and Armor allow them to tank a fair amount of damage.

They can Sting over a short distance, hitting the unit behind the target as well, and even Regenerate a little to keep on fighting. You could supplement that from Centaur parentage with Plantaur's Rejuvenate or Toxin, Lavataur's Charge, or Beast Taur's Ram, Rage or Dodge. From Lizard Girl parentage, you could look at Plant Lizard's PoisonTongue or PoisonCloud, Naga's Guard, Light Lizard's Aegis, Poison Lizard's PoisonSting, Beast Lizard's Jump, or Shadow Lizard's PoisonStep, BackStab or Swipe.

Unlike most Centaur hybrids they do not suffer from the Bad Anatomy trait, making them less susceptible to seduction.

Despite their Strength Level Type and high base Strength, their Strength Growth is actually below average at 0.8. Either supplement their Strength Growth with Traits or breed an Endurance Level Type to take advantage of their 1.4 Health Growth.

Overworld[ | ]

The Land Mount ability gives them the option to carry smaller party members, reducing the time needed to traverse a land hex.

Breeding[ | ]

Due to their Lizard Girl heritage, Lizard Taurs suffer greatly in the procreation department, with average Virility and disastrous Fertility, making them arduous to breed.

Moneymaking[ | ]

They have average beauty, making them not very lucrative for Brothel work.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Almost completely covered in scales, they are very durable. They can use their tail to sting enemies over a longer distance.
  • If they are careful enough they can use their tail to masturbate.