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Overview[ | ]

Despite the abysmal health, Ghost Plants function well as supportive tanks. ShadowForm greatly increases the user's speed, increases magic by 20%, prevents the character from being engaged in combat, negates penalties for being outside of shadow, and lets the user lose mana before losing health when being attacked. It also sets the user's strength to 1, but this can be negated with Telekinetic or by using offensive spells like ShadowBlast. Not being engaged in combat helps it use the 2 ap skill SpawnCursedPlant, which can curse and weaken enemies. Toxin can additionally poison enemies. Although it doesn't have the "tankiest" (health + mana, in the case of shadowform) growths among shadow units, the Ghost Plant has Rejuvenate to help keep itself and its allies alive. It can use GrowShadow to set up the field for other shadow allies, or "swap in" with ShadowBond to take hits for more fragile allies.

Its DarkenWater passive lets the Ghost Plant gain shield as it turns the water tiles it moves on into shadow, but its shadow move-type makes it difficult to move through water in the first place. Its ShadowEntrance passive can stack with other allies, which can greatly help increase the mobility of shadow allies, in particular those with ShadowStep. In fact, Ghost Plants can teleport to these very tiles and attack all neighboring enemies with their fixed skill ShadowAttack.

Combat[ | ]

Like most shadow species, they function best in a team full of other shadow species, and somewhat poorly otherwise. They have a variety of support skills. Their SpawnCursedPlant can be fused with SpawnFirePlant to create SpawnShadowPlant, which can transform a massive amount of water tiles to land with CreateLava, curse, weaken, and cast Fireball. Note that Ghost Plants will always have SpawnCursedPlant, so it may be best used as a "skill ingredient" for non-Ghost Plant recipient.

Overworld[ | ]

None of their skills give them special abilities in portals.

Breeding[ | ]

They have just about the lowest virility among shadow species, and just about the highest fertility among shadow species. Their beauty is fairly low.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Unlike all other shadow species, Ghost Plants produce floral semen instead of dark semen. They have the same semen capacity as most other shadow species. Like most shadow species, they can be farmed for dark matter and have a meager 4 milk capacity.

Notes[ | ]

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