Fish Taur

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Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Fishtaurs are a pretty straightforward species. They have the highest Health, in both Base and Growth, of all the starters. Combined with their Endurance Level Type they make excellent tanks. Decent Base Strength makes them capable of receiving a beating while dishing one out in return. They are essentially battleships, amphibious battering rams that are also able to traverse land, albeit slowly.

While the lack of Base Armor and supporting passives makes them second rate, most of the competition tend to be Uniques, Elites, or require some levelling before they can perform in that role. That means the Fishtaur has plenty of time to shine before you get a replacement.

All that Health and the possible Regenerate might make them seem nigh invincible, but their lack of Armor means they take all damage as is. If you don't have a healer on hand the damage could stack up surprisingly fast, especially since their high Health makes them vulnerable to Poison. Conversely, a good healer can make the Fishtaur an almost impenetrable wall.

They have Aquatic, Charge move and good Speed, so while in water they can act as offensive tanks. However on any other terrain type, that Speed is crippled, changing their role to a defensive tank for other units to hide behind. Depending on the map terrain, their Dive skill can offset their mobility issues.

Like any other Centaur hybrid they suffer from the Bad Anatomy trait which makes them vulnerable to being lust-locked, so having another character to relieve them of their lust is recommended.

With only one fixed skill and one potential skill, there's plenty of room for additional skills. From Centaur parentage, Lavataur's Charge, Unicorn's Focus, Lizard Taur's Sting, or Beast Taur's Ram, Rage or Dodge are good choices. From the other side, Mermaid's CreateWater, Naga's Guard or Shrimp Girl's Drown are good choices.

Overworld[ | ]

The Land Mount ability gives them the option to carry smaller party members, reducing the time needed to traverse a land hex, although they're not recommended due to their bad movement on land.

The Water Mount ability gives them the option to carry smaller party members, giving them the ability to traverse deep water and reducing the time needed to pass through water hexes. The fact that they're the only Water Mount available from the start gives them some value.

If one breed/adapts the Heat Resistant and Floating genetic traits onto a large FishTaur unit it can serve as a powerful Omni-mount, though the lack of Oxygen Provider means they'll have trouble taking your party into a Water Portal by themselves.

Breeding[ | ]

Their above-average virility and below-average fertility make them able to impregnate and being impregnated rather fast and hassle-free.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Their higher beauty value makes them a better choice for a Brothel spot, compared to a Centaur.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Their body makes it almost impossible to have normal sex on land.
  • While moving with an erect penis on land, they keep rubbing it on the ground, often leaving a trail of cum whatever they go.