Lava Ghost

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Overview[ | ]

Its first fixed skill LifeTap lets the Lava Ghost put a shadow tile underneath it for 0 ap in exchange for minimal hp, letting it further utilize shadow-based mobility skills like ShadowStep, which it natively has access to while avoiding being debuffed by its ShadowBound passive. It can move freely through lava.

Straight-forward glass cannon mage with numerous offensive spells. Its second fixed skill CursedFlame does magic shadow damage at 4 range with an unfortunate 2-turn cooldown. For magical fire damage, it has access to Fireball and Eruption. It also has access to ShadowBlast, which deals additional shadow damage based on the number of shadow tiles surrounding the target (not the user), and ShadowWave, which deals AoE shadow damage (in a "cone shape"), but may require the Lava Ghost get uncomfortably close to the enemy (or subsequently escape melee with skills like ShadowStep and ShadowBound.

Combat[ | ]

Shadow attacks are very effective against the very common normal-type and floral-type enemies, but are weak against lava, light, and other dark-type enemies. Fire attacks are very effective against floral and dark-type enemies, but are weak against lava-type enemies. Breeding a poison, frost, or electric-type magic spell onto a Lava Ghost can complement her skill set very well, ensuring she nearly always has an effective attack against whatever she encounters. Should avoid taking hits as much as possible due to its abysmal health and lack of self-sustaining skills like Aegis or FullHeal.

Overworld[ | ]

Fireball allows the user to turn a forest or slime tile into plains.

Breeding[ | ]

They have poor virility and mediocre fertility. Their base beauty is low.

Moneymaking[ | ]

They have the same semen capacity as most other shadow species. Like most shadow species, they can be farmed for dark matter and have a meager 4 milk capacity.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]