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The Pegasus, thanks to high mobility and flying capability, makes an excellent raider and interceptor in any biome. However, due to their low HP, they are also extremely vulnerable if cornered in a fight.

Just like purebred centaurs, they are vulnerable to seduction type enemies.

Strategies[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

On combat Pegasus fulfill the (quite literal) role of "Flying Cavalry", being able to strike the enemy support units, intercept and slow down enemy key units thanks to their "Slow Effect On Attack" passive ability, and finish off the wounded that are trying to retreat from the front-line to heal.

The catch, however, is that their low HP makes unable to survive contact with stronger enemies for more than a couple of turns, making them quite susceptible if cornered.

Also, like other Centaurs, they suffer from the "Bad Anatomy" trait, making them quite easily "Lust Locked", which can be a disaster if the unit is currently behind the enemy lines, with no friendly unit nearby to relieve them of their lust.

Overworld[ | ]

The Land mount ability gives them the option to carry smaller party members, reducing the time needed to traverse a land hex.

The Air mount ability gives them the option to carry smaller party members, giving them the ability to traverse air hexes and reducing the time needed to pass through them.

Breeding[ | ]

The virility of a Pegasus, while not on the level of a purebred Centaur, is still decent, making them adequate studs.

Their fertility is slightly better than a purebred centaur, making them a little bit easier to impregnate.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Their beauty is lower than a purebred Centaur, making them less valuable for a brothel assignment.

Notes[ | ]

They are one of the few Air Mounts in the game, and they are available as starters. Beginning a game with a large pegasus cuts down portal exploration time dramatically.

Trivia[ | ]

  • They are very light, so almost anyone could pick them up, enable some sexual positions that usually wouldn't be possible with a centaur like body.
  • Lorewise the -1 to Lustres and the impossibility to relive themselves of lust is justified by their inability to reach their own genitals, making them more sensitive and reliant on others.