Cow Girl

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The Cow Girl has above-Average HP, good seduction power and an interesting suite of active and passive skills to support the frontline.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Thanks to their above-average HP, good lust damage and interesting skillset, Cow Girls can bring seducers support power right to the frontline, although their lackluster strength means that they do not excel in hand to hand combat.

Their mobility also leaves much to be desired and will struggle to move in anything that is not plain hexes.

They have multiple skills to aid in their seduction role:

  • They deal half of their own seduction damage on normal attacks (Pheromones on Attack)
  • They can set a "Lust Gain" effect onto an enemy, dealing 3 lust damage for a variable number of turns depending on their lust skill (Aphrodisiac)
  • They can seduce all units in a radius of 3 hexes around them (MassSeduction)

They also have a couple of support skills to buff friendly units:

  • They buff a unit strength upon seducing them, although one should be careful because that also applies onto enemy units as well (Strengthen on Seduce).
  • They can donate one of their AP to a friendly unit for a turn (Invigorate).
  • They are capable of acting as a mana capacitor for friendly units in need (TransferMana).

Overworld[ | ]

Cow Girls do not have any particular skill to assist in overworld navigation.

Breeding[ | ]

Thanks to their high virility and above average fertility Cow Girls excel at impregnating and being impregnated, and can greatly benefit from being futas.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Their beauty is average at best, meaning that brothel work is not very lucrative for them. They do tend to start out with some decent sex skills though, so they can be a decent starting option early on.

Notes[ | ]

  • Cow Girls have the highest raw milk production currently in the game, and a more than respectable semen production to boot; As such they are the prime choice when it comes to farm milking.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Because of their huge tits it is harder to move for them.
  • Futas are often seen sucking their own, permanently erect cocks as it is very easy for them to do so.