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The Plant Harpy is an all-rounder that excels at multi-targeting, able to inflict Lust Damage on normal attacks as well as inflicting numerous Status Effects including Poison and Slow.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

The power of the unit comes from the Status Effects, hitting the target and then flying away while the enemy slowly dies from Poison while trying to catch up. For example, if an enemy has 2 movement speed and is standing 4 tiles away from your Plant Harpy, then the enemy can only run up to your Plant Harpy without attacking it. Since the Plant Harpy has Agile, this will in turn allow the Plant Harpy to attack (applying the Status Effects) and then fly to a safe distance. The enemy can't follow the Plant Harpy effectively because of the Slow effect. By doing this, the Plant Harpy can take down enemies much tougher than itself.

That only works under ideal conditions however, such as a large enough field and that the enemy will only follow the Plant Harpy. If there are lots of enemies, the field is too small, or there are field-wide effects in place, it becomes much harder to use them effectively due to all their Stats being quite weak. They are poor frontline units despite their best Stats being Health and Strength, their poor Lust Growth makes their Pheromones a minor addition, and their low Speed limits the use of their Slow.

While you could see this as a unit that relies too much on Status Effects to compensate for their weak Stats, if you turn it around it means boosting their Stats will get you a unit with few weaknesses that's very difficult for enemies to deal with. The Plant Harpy is also one of the best options for ToxicPower as their Floral Type makes them immune to Poison.

You can also enhance their use through equipment. Equipping a Frost Spear will stack with the Slow to instantly freeze enemies, or a LifeStealer to add Bleeding into the mix for additional DPS works great. All in all, any weapon that can hit multiple enemies is recommended for dishing out Status Effects left and right.

On the flip side Plant Harpies are quite the nuisance to face. Try to take them out quickly.

You could consider getting them skills like Blink to allow for a more effective hit and run play style. The enemy will once again have issues following the Plant Harpy, as they slowly die from Poison damage. You can also consider getting them a spell like PoisonBolt as a ranged option, as their Magic goes completely unused with their natural skill-set.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • They love to fly up to their partner, shoving their genitals into their face and use their strong limbs to hold on. Because of their low weight this rarely causes problems.