Status Effects

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During combat, characters can be inflicted temporary status effects, which alter their stats for a number of turns. The duration of the effect appears as a number in the status icon. Statuses are typically inflicted by attacks, spells, or terrain



Status name Ingame Description
ArmorUpIcon.png Armored
  • Armor +2
BleedingIcon.png Bleeding
  • Lose 2 life each turn
  • Removed by any sort of life restoration
BlindedIcon.png Blinded
  • Speed -1
  • Armor -5
  • Can't engange enemies in combat
BurnIcon.png Burned
  • Lose X life each turn.
  • X is the remaining duration of the burned effect that turn
CurseIcon.png Cursed
  • Strength -30%
  • Defense -3
  • LRes -3
ArmorIcon.png Defending
  • HP damage received reduced by 50%.
  • Damage that ignores armor is not affected ( I think this is spells and true damage)
EggIcon.png Egg
  • When a character with the egg passive (phoenix) dies, it turns into an egg.
  • The egg hatches (revives) within X turns.
  • If combat ends earlier, the egg hatches as well
ShieldIcon.png Encased
  • Strength -1000%
  • Attacking is disabled
EnlightenedIcon.png Enlightened
  • LRes +10
  • Magic +3
  • Strength -3
  • Various bonuses for using or being targeted by light based attacks
EntangledIcon.png Entangled
  • Speed -5
  • Can't gain more than 1 AP per turn
EnticedDebuffIcon.png Entinced
  • LRes -3
  • Will prioritize fucking nearby presenting characters before other actions
NegativeDebuffIcon.png Exhausted
  • Started battle at 0 stamina
  • Can't gain more than 1 AP per turn
  • Strength, Magic and Lmdg -50%
  • Speed and Armor -2
  • LRes +5
FireCoatedIcon.png Firecoated
  • Attacks influct burn +2
FocussedIcon.png Focused
  • LRes +5
  • AP regeneration remains at 2 while enganged to enemies
GrassTrailIcon.png GrassTrail
  • Turns tiles walked into into grass
ArmorUpIcon.png HardenedSkin
  • Armor +4
  • Immune to radiation ( does not remove current radiation)
  • Strength + Armor?
Haste.png Haste
  • Speed +3
PositiveBuffIcon.png HighMorale
  • Strength +25%
  • Magicstrength +25%
  • Lustdamage +25%
  • Speed +1
Immunityicon.png Immune
  • Can't gain new status effects
InfectedIcon.png Infected
  • If character is not slime: -3hp /turn
  • If character is slime: +3hp/turn
  • On death, if character is slime: explode and infect all surrounding characters
LavaTrailIcon.png LavaTrail
  • Turns tiles walked into into lava
NegativeDebuffIcon.png LowMorale
  • LustResistance -3
  • Str/Magic/LDmg -25%
  • Speed -1
LustIcon.png LustGain
  • Increases lust by 3each turn
  • affected by lustResistance
  • Magic + 10*current stacks %
MagicBuffIcon.png MagicBuff
  • Magic +50%
PoisonIcon.png Poison
  • Lose 10% of max hp each turn. (ignores armor)
  • You can die from this
PoisonCoatedIcon.png PoisonCoated
  • attacks poison the target for 3 turns
  • Strength + 10*current stacks %
Heart2Icon.png Presenting
  • Nearby enticed (or max lust) enemies will fuck this character instead of doing anything else
RadiationIcon.png Radiation
  • Lose 5 mana each turn
  • Excess loss permanently lowers max hp instead
RegenerationIcon.png Regeneration
  • Restore 10% of your max hp each turn (min 2)
  • At the end of combat, the remaining effect still heals
  • Nature bound modifier: +5 armor"
  • Restore 10% of your max mana each turn
  • At the end of combat, the remaining effect still apllies
ShadowFormIcon.png ShadowForm
  • Attacks apply curse for 3 turns
  • Speed +4
  • Magic +20%
  • Strength is reduced to 1
  • Character cant be engaged in combat
  • No penalty for being outside shadow
  • All damage is taken in mana instead, if possible (after armor reduction)" + (SHadowformDuration
  • Drains 2 mana each turn outside of shadow (ends if not possible)
  • Turns tiles walked into into shadow
InvulnerableIcon.png Shield
  • Character can't take any damage
SlimeTrailIcon.png SlimeTrail
  • Turns tiles walked into into slime
SlowedIcon.png Slow
  • Speed -2
SoakedIcon.png Soaked
  • Strengh/MagicStrength -30%.
  • Armor -2
  • Applied when a character starts or ends a turn in water
InfectedIcon.png Spore
  • Character spawns an allied lv X spore when defeated
  • X Is the spore buff duration
  • .Spore will share lvType and have access to it's first skill
  • Duration is reduced by 1 each turn.
  • Different effect for fungal characters: (Non-fungal)Character takes SporeBuffduration dmg each turn
  • Character spawns an enemy lv SporeBuffduration spore when defeated
  • Spore will share lvType and have access to it's first skill). Duration is reduced by 50% each turn.\n(Fungal characters will be immune to this dmg and spawned spores will be friendly instead)
StrengthBuffIcon.png StrengthBuff
  • Strength +50%
StunResistanceIcon.png StunResistant
  • Immune to further stun efects
HeartIcon.png Transformed
  • This character is transformed and will turn back into it's original form when the duration runs out
ArmorDownIcon.png Vulnerable
  • Take +50% damage from any source
StrengthDebuffIcon.png Weakened
  • Strength -40%
HeartIcon.png Lust 50%
  • This character is at 50%+ lust.
  • HP-damage taken is increased by 50%
  • Shield will decay quicker
  • Attack damage dealt is reduced by 50%
  • Mana costs for spells are doubled
Heart2Icon.png Lust 100%
  • Can only use actions "fuck" and "masturbate"
  • In addition to all Lust 50% effects