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Viridion is a male human and one of the Main Characters of Portals of Phereon. He opposes both Evolution and Creation.
Player can also choose female human Viridya, that is slightly different statwise, but she can become futa whenever she wants, potentially giving her more options during events and sex.

Prince specialises in spirits and seedlings, the latter of which can be considered the Prince's own domain. Further, he can unlock skill nodes that make him a formidable frontline fighter, a capable spellcaster and a master seducer all at once.

Important: The stats shown in the infobox are taken from this character's in-game gallery, some Stats will be different depending of your starting selection when you start a new game. The Stats affected are Traits, Skills, Stat Growths and genetics.

I'm sorry, I've failed...
Your world is in danger.
You still have some time.
Find powerful allies and defeat our so called gods. They should still be weak right now.
There will be a moment where you can strike and end their control.
Accept help from anyone that knows me.

—Darbilt, your teacher.

Description[ | ]

The Prince, also called the Druid, is one of the main characters of Portals of Phereon. He opposes both Evolution and Creation.
His goal is to prevent them from achieving their goals by ending the cycle of the two gods, as he believes the world's fate should be determined by the people within it.

The Prince is the child of King Arus who has taken control of the Town where the game is set in and, as such, he begins the game with his relative favor. Still, the King is a ruthless warlord and will break the Prince's mission if his orders are not respected and finished in time.

Gameplay[ | ]

While Evolution and Creation gain most of their powers from sexually interacting with monstergirls, the Prince must grow via sheer training and experience. He gains skill points by leveling up while fighting in one of the six Stances, divided into aspects of combat - Strength, Magic, Support, Dexterity, Endurance, and Seduction. As he levels up, he gains skill points (free points for open use and specific points in the Stance) that he can use to enhance his abilities and unlock new tricks. In this way, the Prince plays similarly to most tactical RPG characters.

What the Prince excels at the most, however, is his use of spirits and seedlings. These units that he summon from nothing but his magical skill and willpower are weak and powerless at first, but due to their growing nature they can rapidly reshape and evolve themselves into fierce Elite units. Though other Main Characters do have skill nodes that enhance their use of spirits, the Prince simply has the highest number and the most powerful of them.

Progression[ | ]

While Evolution and Creation gain power from monstergirls via Rituals, the Prince grows stronger by gaining levels in six Stances. The player can choose which Stance the Prince will take from the (C)hange menu. Fighting battles in the Stance provides experience and levels in the chosen Stance, which in turn give points to spend on associated skill nodes. Another difference between Evolution/Creation and the Prince is that his skills are sorted into two long branches per Stance.

The Prince does not gain stat increases from level-ups directly. Instead, unlocking skill nodes provide the stat increases. Skill nodes can also provide entirely new abilities or utility functions. By changing own Stance and picking useful skill nodes, the Prince can become a powerful combatant on his own right with a variety of abilities that ease gameplay.

On top of providing level-up opportunities, each of the six Stances provide additional combat effects via the TakeStance special trait unique to the Prince. The Stances are as below:

Strength[ | ]

Strength nodes provide physical offensive power. There are multiple nodes that directly increase the Prince's Strength, as well as ones that unlock combat skills that utilize Strength. Along these are nodes that boost HP, Virility, and even seedling development. Investing in Strength helps to end fights faster as long as the Prince is fighting in the fronts.

The TakeStance bonus from Strength is +3 Strength charges on the Prince.

Magic[ | ]

Magic nodes improve the Prince's magical output and unlock elementally charged skills. The leftside branch is special in that it changes according to the elemental affinity chosen at game set-up. With Shadow, the Prince will have access to various terraforming and mobility skills. With Grass, nodes here will enhance logistics, economy and utility. The rightside branch are more general and include a few nodes that specifically enhance spirits and seedlings.

The TakeStance bonus from Magic is +3 Magic charges on the Prince.

Support[ | ]

Support nodes, as one would expect, help the Prince's team fight better. Important sustain-enhancing skills like Heal and FullHeal are available here and Teleport - a massively powerful utility skill in expeditions - is an option. Nodes that boost the Prince's maximum Mana make it easier to use these skills.

The TakeStance bonus from Support is +2 Strength and Magic charges to all spirit and seedling allies.

Dexterity[ | ]

Dexterity nodes make the Prince go faster. Nodes here can allow the Prince to take more actions than usual per turn, be unhindered while engaged with an enemy, move further, and so on. There are also nodes that provide non-combat utility, such as Adaptation - a node that allows the Prince to learn genetic traits from units and adapt them onto spirits and seedlings.

The TakeStance bonus from Dexterity is +1 AP to the Prince at the start of combat.

Endurance[ | ]

Endurance nodes enhance damage resistance and general endurance. Armor, maximum HP, maximum Stamina and such can be improved by leveling in Endurance. There are also important tanking skills such as Aegis and Regenerate.

The TakeStance bonus from Endurance is that the Prince is considered to be Defending for the first two turns of combat.

Seduction[ | ]

Seduction nodes increase lust damage, lust resistance, and other seduction-related stats. Some directly add to Virility and provide field-controlling skills such as Focus and Attract. Seduction nodes can also grant the Companion passives, which summons a random spirit of the appropriate tier at combat start as a token unit.

The TakeStance bonus from Seduction is inflicting the Prince's ldmg on all hostile units at combat start.

Soul Fragment[ | ]

Soul Fragments are special traits that give bonuses in combat depending on how many you have in your active party. For the Prince, the bonuses are as follows:

  1. You start battles with +2 strength/magic charges
  2. Soul fragments start with +2 strength/magic charges
  3. Soul fragments start battles with permanent hardened skin.
  4. Entangle statuseffect also decreases enemy armor/LRes by 5.
  5. Seedling and spirit characters start battles with +1 ap.
  6. All enemies start entangled for a turn.

Exclusive Characters[ | ]

The following characters will become available to recruit if you play as Druid: