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A genetic trait that allows for greater freedom in fusing.

Fusing is typically limited to:

  • MonsterGirl + MonsterGirl
  • MonsterGirl + Spirit
  • Creature + Spirit
  • Creature + Same type Creature

This trait allows for:

  • Creature + Any Creature
  • Creature + MonsterGirl
  • Spirit + Spirit

This trait is extremely useful in acquiring breeding pairs, creating specific skillsets, and in particular, evolving Celestials.

For example, you have a creature you only have one of, but wish to breed.

With Catalyst you can fuse a MonsterGirl with that creature, and you would then have a MonsterGirl/Creature that could then be bred with other MonsterGirls to produce another MonsterGirl/creature, and those two then have a 1/4 chance to produce the original creature.

This is a good way to acquire a breeding pair of Seals, or very rare creatures like the Kraken.

It is also a way to get powerful creature only inheritable skills from creatures to MonsterGirls.