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Boss[ | ]

Fight Description[ | ]

A mushroom might not sound threatening, but the Mushroom Core is one of the more dangerous bosses you'll fight.
It boasts the greatest health and Strength of all the bosses and inflicts Poison, but the real danger lies with its passive abilities that stacks with its summons, making it the king of attrition warfare.
This boss encounter comes with four smaller mushroom enemies called Spores. They can't move or attack, but they similarly inflict Poison and make copies of themselves with SpawnSpore. They don't have a lot of mana but it has a low cooldown, and the boss can make more with SporeStorm. This alone makes this fight a nuisance, but the real problem is the passive abilities they share.

1. LustAura
It increases the lust of nearby characters at the end of every turn. Even if one of your characters ended a turn next to just one mushroom, since they make more they could have three around your character at the end of their turn. If you can't maintain control of this fight you'll quickly find your party lust-locked. This can be avoided entirely by using units that are unaffected by Lust entirely.

2. MushroomPresence
This passive is a lot harder to deal with, as it restores 1 hp/mana to every mushroom at the start of turn, while doing 1 dmg/Ldmg to everyone else. Not only is this a field-wide effect with no range, it also amplifies the Poison and Lust effects mentioned above. Only "Fungal" characters are completely inmune to MushroomPresence.

All of that together means it becomes a race against time.

Strategy[ | ]

You must be able to dish out enough damage to clear out the mushrooms as fast as they appear.
Failure to do so results in a cascade of mushrooms. Each mushroom healing every other mushroom, including the boss, while you take damage and lust. Being able to hit multiple targets are a must, even if you're clearly stronger than the boss. The Spores it spawns are weak to fire while the boss himself is weak to shadow.

Aftermath[ | ]

Upon defeat the boss drops two MushroomVest armors, which grants the wearer the LustAura passive the boss had, two uses of MushroomEssence, a consumable only usable in Town that spawns a Shroom Girl which takes on the unit's genetic values and traits, as well as a one time reward that unlocks the Mushroom Farm, a house upgrade that provides lots of food.

Unit[ | ]

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

The Mushroom Core itself has very questionable use as a unit. It's powerful enough to solo much of the game, but it's just as harmful to your party. The exceptions being "Fungal" characters. You will also need to wait multiple turns for the spores to stack so that the passives start to do actual damage.

Overworld[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • It should be noted, that any boss fusion or offspring will lose the Giant trait, so if you wish to obtain a boss in all its glory you need to capture them using a MindBender Artifact. But remember that Enormous characters can only enter Enormous portals.
  • If you manage to recruit a MushroomCore remember that the MushroomPresence passive will affect ALL characters that are not "Fungal", even the main character.
  • Upon being spawned using boss bait, the text "You feel spores of a new giant in this world" will appear.

Trivia[ | ]