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Boss[ | ]

Found in water portals (?) on DeepWater tiles

Fight Description[ | ]

Strategy[ | ]

Aftermath[ | ]

After winning you can either take the Commander's Mask and increase party morale by 20, or you can just leave in order to recover 100 morale and increase MaxMorale by 5 for your entire party.

The mask is an armor item that adds 10 life 10 mana 3 armor 3 lust damage and 2 lust resistance.

Unit[ | ]

These can be acquired and bred via mindbender and the main reason to do so is their summon copy ability. Though by the time you have a mindbender this unit may not be worth using it on.

Commanders are powerful units with good scaling for most stats but they are underwhelming in and of themselves as combat units.

Their main stat is lust at 2.0 and strength is second with 1.5 leaving magic trailing in third at 1.3. 1.3 is alright but two of their skills are magic based and only waterfall of the four can be swapped, though they have no other skills to swap it for so without the MC being able to adapt skills of their own onto it they functionally have four fixed skills.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Summon copy costs 10 mana and 2 AP with a 5 turn cool down, it creates a token copy of the target character under your control with full health and no AP, and it weakens (apply the weaken debuff, -40% dmg) the character it is used on for two turns. It copies none of the character's gear and their abilities are fully charged.

It cannot be used on bosses, unique, or token characters, nor can it be used to get two permanent copies of a character for yourself because mind control only works on enemy characters. (Untested if the copies that an enemy Commander makes can be recruited with the mind control skill ← Mind Control only works on tokens that are also one of creation's special summons like Slime Girls, but at least as of one version ago you could have your summoned copy use a skill like Copy to remove its own token status.)

As a unit the Commander doesn't get a buff to ensure it has at least 2 AP per turn, so if an enemy is standing next to it then it can't use tsunami or summon copy.

Quick dive is a free action with 4 range, that allows the user to move from water tile to water tile, very useful on water maps.

Note: If you go to the arena, or have the Elite Mastery essence, you can have more than one of these in your party; spamming summon copy is hilarious.

Overworld[ | ]

It has the create water ability.

Notes[ | ]

  • Upon being spawned using boss bait, the text "You feel a new presence of a threatening aquatic aura" will appear.
  • Unlike the other two humanoid giants, this one does not give you it's egg after you beat it.

Trivia[ | ]