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Boss[ | ]

WARNING: This boss summons Wisps, it is vital to kill/disable them before they can reach you. With the exclusion of Evolution, the wisp default attack will PERMANENTLY lower the targets mana. Evolution can restore herself by transforming, otherwise there is no way of regaining the lost stats.

Fight Description[ | ]

This boss encounter comes with several Wisp enemies. Upon entering combat every Wisp will have a Shield that renders them immune to damage, you can either wait until it wears off on 3rd turn or you can Cleanse it, but first option is preferred.
Kitsune summons more Wisps, whenever she gets the chance and uses it's default attacks when you get too close. It should be noted, that bosses are much stronger, than regular enemies and can easily 2 tap your units. Additionally it has a difficult/annoying to passive, that makes her teleport to tile farthest from your units, while you're swarmed by Wisps.
Both Kitsune and Wisps will drain your mana with their attacks, wisps will additionally drain mana from any units standing next to them when they die.

Strategy[ | ]

General strategy is to stay away from Wisp swarm, unless you have a tank that doesn't normally depend on mana, for that purpose you should consider using unit with Savage trait, as it takes away ability to use mana, while buffing speed, armor and strength. If you are playing as Evolution you can be the said tank. Protection skills and buffs won't be of much help, as Wisps will cleanse them.
Wisps and Kitsune should be dealt with ranged attacks, if you lack powerful units that don't require mana.
It is also highly recommended to raise her lust above 50%, to deal more and receive less damage.

Kitsune's teleportation can be used against it. If you position your units on edge of the map, Kitsune will teleport too far to reach you basically immobilising her. This will let you focus on Wisps, that can be dealt with by using map-wide spells, like LightningStorm, MeteorStorm or WorldsEnd.
Kitsune will keep teleporting to the same spot as long as you don't move your units, this creates an exploit with lava tiles, allowing you to simply burn the boss.

Aftermath[ | ]

Upon defeat Kitsune drops her species egg, a magic amulet, money and several common to rare items.

Unit[ | ]

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Kitsune, as a unit, makes an excellent scout and combat mage with her lightning storm skill and the ability to use Wisps, to regain massive amounts of mana. With sufficiently high magic, Wisp casters can fully restore their mana by spawning 7 Wisps next to each other and then detonating them all.

Overworld[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • It should be noted, that any boss fusion or offspring lose the Giant trait, so if you wish to obtain a boss in all its glory you need to capture them.
  • Upon being spawned using boss bait, the text "You feel the magical presence of a new giant in this world" will appear.

Trivia[ | ]