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Boss[ | ]

Fight Description[ | ]

This boss encounter comes with several flower enemies. Upon entering combat your entire party will be inflicted with infinite curse.
Life Root doesn't use any of her skills, she just moves and attacks you with her default attack. It should be noted that bosses are much stronger than regular enemies, and can easily 2-hit-kill your units. Life Root's passives are a nasty combination of not being able to reach her, as she teleports away from you, and being constantly entangled and poisoned when standing on grass tiles.

Strategy[ | ]

General strategy is to wipe Life Root's flowers and then attack from distance.
You should consider using units that can create non-grass tiles, as they can help in avoiding Life Root's passive. If you lack such a unit it's recommended to stand on non-grass tiles. Additionaly you should try to raise Life Root's lust above 50%, to deal more and receive less damage.
Life Root's teleportation can be used against her. If you position your units on the edge of the map, Life Root will teleport too far to reach you, basically immobilizing her. This will let you get rid of grass tiles, and you'll be able to deal with Life Root by using map-wide spells, like LightningStorm, MeteorStorm or WorldsEnd.
Life Root will keep teleporting to the same spot as long as you don't move your units. This creates an exploit with lava tiles, allowing you to simply burn the boss.

Aftermath[ | ]

Upon defeat Life Root drops her species egg, a few decent magic staves, some wood and a consumable to boost defense. Your MC will also lose all its mana, so some form of restoration is recommended.

Unit[ | ]

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Combat[ | ]

Overworld[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • It should be noted, that any boss fusion or offspring will lose the Giant trait, so if you wish to obtain a Giant in all its glory you need to capture them using a MindBender Artifact. But remember that Enormous characters can only enter Enormous portals.
  • Upon being spawned using boss bait, the text "You feel the branches of a new giant in this world" will appear.

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