Lava Fish

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Boss[ | ]

Fight Description[ | ]

A boss with mechanics for quickly stacking Burn on your units.

Strategy[ | ]

A strategy is to have a tank, a healer and some units that can attack from a distance, simply keeping your tank alive and keeping out of newly formed lava tiles. Note that taking too long may result in your healer not being able to keep up with the Burn stacks.

However there are some ways of negating Burns or even using it to your advantage. Some skills, such as Cleanse, can remove Burns. Water terrain generation skills also trivializes the Burn damage. The Heat Resistant trait or a Lava/Stone element unit will negate Burn damage altogether.

Aftermath[ | ]

Upon defeating the Lava Fish you can choose to harvest it for a consumable LavaHeart, two LavaScaleArmor, which overall stat boosts without downsides, as well as material LavaScales that can be used to craft more. Alternatively you can choose to watch and raise the max morale of your party a bit more.

Unit[ | ]

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Overworld[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • It should be noted that any boss fusion result or offspring will not inherit the Giant trait, so if you wish to obtain a Giant, you need to use a mindbender to recruit them. But remember that Enormous characters can only enter Enormous portals.
  • Upon being spawned using boss bait, the text "You feel the fiery presence of a new giant in this world" will appear.

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