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Warning: This page contains potential spoilers, explore carefully if you wish to preserve surprises.

Boss[ | ]

WARNING: When facing off with this creature, it is vital to kill/disable it before it can move. With the exclusion of Evolution, this creatures default attack will PERMANENTLY lower the targets strength. Evolution can restore herself by transforming, otherwise there is no way of regaining the lost stats.

Fight Description[ | ]

True to its name, this abomination massively debuffs your entire team and to make things worse, it has insane regeneration.

Strategy[ | ]

To fight it, you require overwhelming attack power, essentially you kill it in the first turn, or you lose.
Alternatively you can prepare special counter items for this creature. The first one would be a story related craftable called ManaCatalyst. It will remove this creatures passives and will allow you to fight it like a regular giant. If you wish to brute force this fight, the final recommended item is radiant armor, it will help mitigate the severe debuffs this creature dishes out and allow you to focus on out damaging its regeneration.

Aftermath[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • As of game v16, you cannot MindBender it anymore. Using one on it will instead give it a 3-turn debuff making it take 50% more damage, making it much easier to burst down.

Trivia[ | ]