New Game Settings

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When you start a new game, there are four categories of options you have to choose:

  • Main Character: select one of the three main characters, their elemental affinity, and dating interests
  • Difficulty: several global difficulty options, such as starting resources, king quests, harder enemies, permadeath, etc.
  • Traits/Profession: here you pick one profession, and buy genes and traits for the main character
  • Starter 1 and starter 2: here you pick the race, genes and traits of the two units you start with

If you are new and don't know what to pick:

  • MainCharacter: whatever you like.
  • Difficulty: you can leave difficulty as is. Some people recommend lowering gold to disable breeding king quests.
  • Traits/profession: depends on character picked, and whether you want a strong start or potential. See the Main Characters pages for tips on traits and profession for each.
  • Starters: the game recommends a pair of melee+ranged, with melee being a bit tanky, and caster having support potential.
  • Or you can follow a Guide

Maincharacter[ | ]

Here you choose one of the three Main Characters

Picked element multiplies both starting stat and lvlupstat