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Maincharacter[ | ]

You can choose one out of four Main Characters, their elemental affinity, dating interests and your saved loadouts.

Difficulty[ | ]

You can change the game length and difficulty modifier here. Many toggles, choices and selections can vary the difficulty modifier from the minimum of 8% to the maximum of 774% - but to unlock Achievements and new gallery entries, which provide new start options, the difficulty modifier for that playthrough must be at or above 100%.

Game mode[ | ]

Game modes largely affect how long the game being set up will be. On the last day of the game mode, the final mission portal will spawn which you must clear within its time limit to win the game. Each mode also has separate effects, such as for how long the King's quests remain active, how many times they can be failed without game over, and so on.

Fast Normal Long
  • King's quest duration: 4 days
  • King's quest duration: 5 days
  • King's quest duration: 6 days
  • Game over: 1 failed King's quest.
  • Game over: 2 failed King's quests.
  • Game over: 3 failed King's quests.
  • Essence Portals: Every 3rd day.
  • Essence Portals: Every 4th day.
  • Essence Portals: Every 5th day.
  • Egg growth: +50%
  • Egg growth: -25%
  • Artifact Portals: Every 4th day. (Starting on Day 7)
  • Artifact Portals: Every 5th day. (Starting on Day 12)
  • Artifact Portals: Every 8th day. (Starting on Day 17)
  • Home upgrade costs are discounted by half and Town NPCs' familiarity rise twice as fast compared to other game modes.
Free play
  • King's quest duration: 7 days
  • Game over: King's quests are optional and failing them does not trigger a game over.
  • Essence Portals: Every 6th day.
  • Artifact Portals: Every 10th day (Starting Day 17)
  • Story portals do not open on predetermined dates. Instead, the player must increase the World Level via clearing regular portals. When the player achieves at least 8 of each regular portal's goals (exploration and combat), the free play world's World Level will be set to the portal's Hostility rating if it were higher. Story portals become available at WL 10, 15 and 20 and can be triggered by the buttons to the left side of the Portal nexus screen.

Farm Focus[ | ]

Usually "Both" is the best option.

NOTE1: Trait inheritance = Chance to inherit each genetic trait individually

NOTE2: Fusion trait selection = How many traits player can select based on how many traits character has.

NOTE3: Fusion focus lets you increase genes by fusing 2 equal values, while Fusion+ lets you increase genes by fusing 2 values with difference of one.

Breeding+ Breeding Both Fusion Fusion+
  • Focus on breeding characters to create stronger ones.
  • Emphasize breeding over fusion.
  • Combine breeding and fusion.
  • Emphasize fusion over breeding.
  • Focus on recruiting and fusing characters to create stronger ones.
  • Trait inheritance: 75%
  • Trait inheritance: 50%
  • Trait inheritance: 35%
  • Trait inheritance: 25%
  • Trait inheritance: None
  • Fusion trait selection: None
  • Fusion trait selection: Amount/2
  • Fusion trait selection: 1 + Amount/2
  • Fusion trait selection: 2 + Amount/2
  • Fusion trait selection: 3 + Amount/2
  • Can increase egg genes by up to 3.
  • Increase genes through fusion.
  • Increase genes through fusion.
  • +1 roll for egg stats. (keep highest)
  • Can only increase egg genes by 1.
  • Fused characters inherit additional learned traits.
  • You can't fuse characters!
  • Fusion uses more crystals
  • Fusion uses less crystals
  • Farm pairs can't create eggs! Also less control over egg genes.
  • +5 main character points to spend.
  • +5 starter points to spend.

Difficulty modifiers[ | ]

These options apply the most impact on the game's difficulty. They affect the difficulty rating in a multiplicative fashion - piling easier or harder choices will have compounding effects. Here, the options will have a difficulty factor noted within parentheses next to them. The factor of x1.0 indicates the recommended choice for new players.

Penalty[ | ]

This option determines what happens to a character who falls in battle.

Death (x1.3) Injury (x1) Nothing (x0.7)
Removes the unit permanently. Makes the unit (I)njured and no longer able to participate in combat until their injury heals. Still takes them out of the fight but they can be healed afterward to rejoin another fight.

Mc-points[ | ]

This option determines how many points the player can distribute for their Main Character.

0 (x1.6) 10 (x1.4) 20 (x1.0) 30 (x0.7) 50 (x0.5)
No Mc-points 10 Mc-points 20 Mc-points 30 Mc-points 50 Mc-points

Starter points[ | ]

This option determines how many points the player's two Starter units receive. Here, the Starters refer to the girls the player can configure under the Starters option to the right of the screen. Like with Mc-points, this option ranges from 0 to 50 albeit with different difficulty factors.

0 (x1.2) 10 (x1.1) 20 (x1.0) 30 (x0.8) 50 (x0.6)
No Starter points 10 Starter points 20 Starter points 30 Starter points 50 Starter points

Starting money[ | ]

The Main Character will have access to money at the start of the game depending on this option.

-1000 (x1.3) 100 (x1.15) 500 (x1.0) 1000 (x0.9) 2000 (x0.8)
Start 1000 gold in debt Start with 100 gold Start with 500 gold Start with 1000 gold Start with 2000 gold

Save type[ | ]

This option configures how the player can save and load their progress and interact with the chosen game mode.

Limited (x1.3) In Town (x1.0) Always (x0.8)
Player can load up to:

3 times in Short,
5 times in Normal,
10 times in Long,
50 times in Free Play.

Each time a save file is loaded, the counter goes down by 1, when it reaches 0, the player may not save that particular game anymore.

Player can save and load as many times as they want, but only while they are in Town. Allows the player to save even within portals outside of Town.

King's Quests[ | ]

Four toggles to the top right of the screen show what types of King's quests you will receive in the game.

Breeding Require you to raise a character that fits the King's demands, either as a soldier with combat stats or a breeder with breeding stats.
Portal-Exploration/Fights Require you to enter random portals to explore a certain percentage of it or conduct a certain number of battles there.
Combat/Arena Requires you to fight in the Arena, either in daily random battles or in ranked battles with one of the King's soldiers.
Training Requires you to raise the King's units in certain ways, such as up to a specific level or sex skill competency.

Choosing all 4 applies a x1.2 multiplier to the difficulty,
Choosing 3 applies a x1.0 multiplier,
Choosing 2 applies a x0.9 multiplier,
Choosing only 1 will apply x0.6 multiplier.

It is impossible to choose none even if King's quests are rendered optional.

Bonus[ | ]

The list of options here forms the main bulk of difficulty boosts. The percent numbers here are additive instead of multiplicative. The list here is up to date as of v0.22.01.

Modifier list
Modifier Description
Gacha (+0%) The player will receive a random character each day, but recruiting characters in other ways or hatching eggs will become extraordinarily difficult.
Easy (+0%) The Main Character's stamina regeneration will double. Other characters are unaffected.
UniqueStarter (+10%) The Main Character cannot summon spirits, but they will receive a base spirit without the associated affinity trait at the start.
Dating (+5%) The player must date Town NPCs before they can be recruited.
Armored (+20%) All enemies receive +2 armor.
Wild (+15%) Every fight, the enemy party will receive an additional creature that does not factor into experience gain.
Dangerous (+10%) Encounter hostilities increase.
Resolve (+10%) Enemies start combat with the high morale bonus.
UnPrepared (+30%) The player's team will always start battle with only 1 AP as if they were ambushed.
Adamant (+10%) None of the player's units may never retreat from battle. No arena fights may be forfeited.
Rivalry (+20%) Rivals' power grows 50% faster.
Taxes (+15%) The player begins with a 100 gold per day expenditure, which rises by 20 gold each day.
Wasteful (+10%) The cost of home upgrades is doubled.
Hostile (+10%) Characters above Lv. 1 cannot be recruited in combat.
HighStandards (+10%) The brothel score for all characters is reduced as their appeal is halved.
Sparse (+15%) New portals spawn far less frequently.
Teeming (+10%) Portals have more enemy parties and they attack each other less frequently.
Raiders (+15%) Frequency and intensity of events near the portal entrance are drastically reduced.
Sleepless (+30%) Characters restore only half as much stamina per day.
Unlimited (+0%) Limits on hostility, enemy scaling, genes and level caps are removed. Not recommended for a first playthrough.
Harsh (+15%) All portals spawn with difficult terrain, such as oceans, caves, and floating islands. Early King's quests will not be floating islands, however.
Advancing (+3%) Natural portal generation is disabled and portal hostility does not increase over time. Once the player cleared 50% of each portal's goals, a new one with a higher hostility rating will open.
ElementalLock (+10%) All party members, except the Main Character, must share the same type to enter portals.
Diminished (+0%) All characters' base stats and growth are halved and the Main Character's skill nodes cost twice as much.

Traits/Profession[ | ]

You can choose your Main Characters profession, traits and genes here.

Profession Cost Description Unlock requirement
Farmer 3p
  • Higher egg production
  • Egg stability +20%
  • Egg growth +5%/day
  • Better gene inheritance for breeding (+1 roll)
  • Higher chance to inherit traits. (50% instead of 35%)
  • Start with farm upgrade, 2 fields
  • +5 farm capacity
  • +1 capacity for hatchery upgrades
Unlocked by Default
Scout 0p
  • Higher chances of rare events/loot.
  • Enemies notice your party less
  • Less bad events.
  • +1 vision to everyone
Unlocked by Default
Doctor 0p
  • 50% chance for characters to not get injured
  • (if permadeath is on, you get a 50% chance for characters to only get injured)
  • Injuries will be removed when returning home
  • Heal all characters for 20% after a won battle
  • Doctor activity during camping
Unlocked by Default
Scientist 0p
  • Gain money by exploring/discovering new things.
  • Fusion requires much less stamina.
  • +1 option when choosing essences.
Unlocked by Default
Merchant 2p
  • Better prices for buying/selling Stuff.
  • Better/more items at the shop.
  • More loot from fighting enemies.
  • Carrying capacity of all characters increased by 50%.
Unlocked by Default
Architect 0p
  • 50% lower costs for all buildings/home upgrades etc.
  • Start with home upgrade
  • +1 capacity for hatchery upgrades
Unlocked by Default
Trainer 1p
  • Double exp gain for every character.
  • Starting characters are lv 3.
  • More money as arena reward.
Unlocked by Default
Madam 3p
  • +50% global bonus to appeal in the brothel
  • +50% brothel value to each character
  • Know all likes/dislikes of your characters.
  • Start with 2 rooms in the brothel
Unlocked by Default
Quester 0p
  • Get 2 new quests and character offers in the tavern every day.
  • Better rewards for completing requests.
  • Better rewards for completing portal-milestones.
Unlocked by Default
Prostitute 3p
  • Own SexSkills start at 3.
  • Easier to train sexSkills of characters.
  • Pairing with you increases partners interests quicker.
  • +1 energy drained from enemies
  • 50% bonus to servicing cum-chance
  • For dates: +5 lust to all sexual actions involving your partner
Unlocked by Default
Entertainer 2p
  • Much easier to increase relations.
  • Characters are more attracted to you.
  • Bonus to recruit/service characters for all allies
  • For dates: +5 fun to non-sexual actions. Start with 3 casual/lewd skillpoints.
  • Progress for town-character objectives increases twice as fast
Unlocked by Default
Biologist 8p
  • Gain twice as many skillpoints
Unlocked by Default
Knight 2p
  • You have 50% more health, +1 str, +1 Lres and +1 speed.
  • Good starting equipment.
  • +50 max stamina
Unlocked by Default
Tamer 5p
  • Higher chance of taming non humanoid creatures.
  • Creatures stats increase more. (+25% growth)
  • Can fuse any two creatures
  • Starts with a highly durable net.
  • Start with a maxlevel 20 Laquas.
Unlocked by Default
Alchemist 3p
  • Start with all basic farmpotions unlocked.
  • FarmPotions are 50% cheaper.
  • Higher effect of most farmPotions (by about 50%)
  • Starts with many consumables
Unlocked by Default
Magician 2p
  • You have 50% more mana, +1 magic, +1 Lres and +1 speed.
  • Good starting equipment.
  • +50 max stamina
Unlocked by Default
Hero 0p
  • No bonus
  • Essence portals won't open
  • Special reward for beating the game
FirstWin Achievement
  • Beat the game for the first time with any character.
God 10p
  • Start with 10 skillpoints in everything
  • +100% hp /mana/maxLust
  • +2 str/magic/lDmg
  • Starting characters have maxlevel 20
HeroWin Achievement
  • Beat the game with the hero profession.

Noble 3p
  • Start with 5.000 money
  • Get 5% interest each day
Reliable Achievement
  • Beat the game without ever ending a day with negative money.
BattleMaster 8p
  • You have 25% more health, +2 str, +1 Lres and +1 speed.
  • You have 25% more mana, +2 magic
  • Good starting equipment.
  • +50 max Stamina
HundredBattles Achievement
  • Win 100 battles in a row without fleeing or losing.
Elementalist 5p
  • Can summon any type of spirit (regardless of starting affinity)
  • Summoned spirits start with an additional random trait and +5 total genes
  • Get the starting skills for all affinities
  • Unique evolution (Laquas)
  • (Chosen affinity only affects statbonuses and rivals elements)
Elementalist Achievement
  • Get a level 20 spirit in the first 15 days.
Researcher 10p
  • Income from submitting species to the library is increased.
  • (50g per species (instead of 20g)
  • Start the game with one character of each base species
  • (In addition to your starters)
Researcher Achievement
  • Send 10 lv 10+ characters to the library within the first 30 days.
Explorer 1p
  • Unstable portals spawn more frequently
  • They have tripled wealth
  • Exp bonus of them is increased
Explorer Achievement
  • Successfully return from an unstable portal.
ZooKeeper 1p
  • Start with various exotic creatures (always the same)
  • (Including large flying and land mount)
  • Creatures gain some exp each day
ZooKeeper Achievement
  • Have 15+ unique non-humanoid creatures at home.
SoulReaper 1p
  • Start with a weapon to collect souls.
  • Various unique items crafted with souls.
Crafter Achievement
  • Craft 100 items.
Ascended 5p
  • Get a divine favour every other day.
  • (Can be turned into powerful effects.)
Ascended Achievement
  • Beat challenge rank 10.
PortalShaper 0p
  • Grants the ability to create/manipulate portals.
  • +5 stabilised portal capacity.
  • Start with Portal skill.
Revolution Achievement
  • Alternate ending.
Mechanist 1p
  • Can build and upgrade robots using various materials.
  • Mechanical units grow stronger (+25%)
Mechanical Achievement
Trait Cost Description Unlock Requirement
Perceptive 4p
  • More events.
Unlocked by Default
Swimmer 3p
  • Faster movement on water.
  • Allows access to deep water without mount.
Unlocked by Default
Lucky 3p
  • Slightly increased positive chances.
Unlocked by Default
Endurance 2p
  • Doubles max/starting stamina (but not regeneration).
Unlocked by Default
MagicAdapt 3p
  • 30% more mana.
Unlocked by Default
Focused 3p
  • LRes +2.
Unlocked by Default
Potential 5p
  • Start with +5 MaxLevel.
Unlocked by Default
Experienced 4p Unlocked by Default
Herbalist 2p
  • Allows your party to find herbs while scavenging.
Unlocked by Default
Cook 3p
  • Allows the maincharacter to cook while camping (food bonus*2).
Unlocked by Default
Intelligent 4p
  • Start with the Intelligent genetic trait:
    • Mana growth +0.2
    • Exp gain * 1.5
Unlocked by Default
EagleEyed 5p
  • Start with the EagleEyed genetic trait:
    • Vision+
      • Party vision is equal to highest characters vision
      • Affects characters scouting/scavenging ability
Unlocked by Default
Strong 5p
  • +2 strength.
  • Start with the Strong genetic trait:
    • +0.3 strength growth
    • CarryCapacity+ 50%
Unlocked by Default
Beautiful 6p
  • +2 lDmg
  • Start with the Beautiful genetic trait:
    • +0.3 lust growth
    • Attractiveness *1.4
Unlocked by Default
Fast 6p
  • Start with the Fast genetic trait:
    • Speed + 1
Unlocked by Default
Resilient 5p
  • +5 max hp.
  • Start with the Resilient genetic trait:
    • +0.3 hp growth
Unlocked by Default
Adaptable 4p
  • You can use twice as many stat increasing effects on yourself.
    • Transforming still removes them
Unlocked by Default
Protector 3p
  • Start with the Protect skill available.
Protector Achievement
  • Beat the game without letting any ally get injured/die and never abandon any character.
HardMode -5p
  • Enemy strength/hostility scales quicker.
  • Increased enemy limits.
HardMode Achievement
  • Beat the game with 200%+ difficulty.
Evolved 7p
  • All your genes +1 (applied after selected genes)
EvoWin Achievement
Seedlings 5p DruidWin Achievement
  • Beat the game with Druid Main Character.
Tentacle 3p
  • Start with a MaxLevel 10 Tentacle companion.
CreaWin Achievement
  • Beat the game with Creation Main Character.
Fragile -4p
  • Max Hp/Mana gets halved everytime your hp reaches 0.
Undying Achievement
  • Beat the game without ever letting your main character fall in combat.
HeadStart 6p
  • Start with an offspring of your starter characters.
AllSpecies Achievement
  • Learn genetic information of all base species and hybrids.
Favored 5p
  • Kings quests are optional.
QuestCompleter Achievement
  • Complete 10 Kings quests in the first 30 days.
Purity 5p
  • LRes +10.
Pure Achievement
  • Beat the game with every sex skill 3 or lower.
Established 5p
  • Start with 3 fields/quarries/lumbercamps and 1 crystal farm
NoUpgrades Achievement
  • Beat the game without buying any home upgrades (in the upgrade tab).
LoneWolf -4p
  • Start with 0 home capacity for other characters
  • Only one farm capacity
  • Maximum capacity also lowered
LoneWolf Achievement
  • Beat the game without ever entering a portal expedition with any ally.
  • Recruiting characters inside/coming back is okay.
Ruthless 2p
  • Start with max morale +50
    • (High morale is still 75+)
KingSlayer Achievement
  • Kill the King in the first 15 days.
Famous 5p
  • Start with relation of 30 with every recruitable Town NPC
Famous Achievement
  • Recruit every Town NPC.
Anomaly 10p SpecialHybrid Achievement
  • Hatch a special hybrid.
StrongerStarters 15p
  • Your 2 starter characters have a max level of +5
    • Genetic MaxLevel as well
GodForm Achievement
KrakenAlly 10p
  • Start with a MaxLevel 10 small Kraken.
KrakenSlayer Achievement
  • Defeat a giant Kraken in the first 30 days.
LavaImmunity 3p LavaFishSlayer Achievement
  • Defeat a giant Lava Fish in the first 30 days.
MushroomFarm 3p
  • Start with a MushroomFarm
  • Food production +50/day.
  • +1 KingShroom/day.
MushroomSlayer Achievement
Teleporter 3p
  • Start with a reusable TeleportStone
    • (20 uses)
Claiming Sylvie's final objective. (Claim 100 portal rewards)
TavernPoints 5p
  • Start at tavern rank D
Claiming Mya's final objective. (Complete 30 tavern requests)
GiantHunter 3p
  • Start with 100 uses of boss bait
BossSlayer Achievement
  • Defeat any giant boss.
Summoner 5p
  • Allows you to summon Wisps
    • (selectable skill in character menu)
FoxSlayer Achievement
  • Defeat a giant Kitsune boss in the first 30 days.
LifeRoot 4p
  • Have access to all plant summons
  • Mana +5
TreeSlayer Achievement
  • Defeat a giant Life Root in the first 30 days.
Hatcher 10p
  • All eggs start with 1 day worth of progress
  • (can be 100%)
Hatcher Achievement
  • Hatch 20 eggs in the first 30 days.
Bonus -10p
  • Free points to use earned by the doing the extreme achievement
Extreme Achievement
  • Beat the game with 600%+ difficulty.
Prepared 8p
  • Your starters start at MaxLevel
  • You gain some additional starting equipment
    • (a strength and a magic set of common items)
Prepared Achievement
  • Get 5 other characters to lv 20 in the first 20 days.
Familiar 10p
  • Loyal characters' stats grow more than usual
    • (similar to being a size bigger)
  • Hatched characters gain the Loyal trait
Native Achievement
  • Win the game and never let a newly joined character stay after combat.
  • Just recruited/some event characters must be removed before ending battles.
Artificer 3p
  • Artifact uses are doubled
Artificer Achievement
  • Obtain an artifact.
Partner 5p
  • Can immediately recruit one of the Town NPCs
    • (Choose in your character menu ("D"))
Partner Achievement
  • Befriend and recruit a Town NPC.
Breeder 5p
  • +10% base fertility/virility.
  • Start with the Breeder genetic trait:
    • Fertility +25%
    • Virility +25%
    • Energy/CumStorage +2. Regen +1
Breeder Achievement
  • Produce an egg with the Main Character.
Relaxed 4p
  • Rival strength starts lower and increases slower.
Purify Achievement
  • Recruit Siena during the final battle.
Recruiter 5p
  • When failing to recruit an enemy set it's lust to the recruitment chance.
Recruiter Achievement
  • Recruit a lv 10+ character.
Equipped 3p
  • Start with a basic set of equipment.
Combatant Achievement
  • Win a difficulty 100+ battle.
Knowing 5p
  • Start the game with 3 divine favors.
    • Can be turned into powerful effects.
Compliance Achievement
  • Alternate ending.
RadiationImmunity 3p
  • Start with the RadiationImmunity genetic trait:
    • Immune to radiation. (weather and combat)
Chosen Achievement
  • Recruit Terranva
  • Path to alternate endings. Requires unique infos from all 3 main characters.
Floating 4p
  • Start with the Floating genetic trait:
    • Access to air portals. Counts as flying on the overworld
    • (No effect in combat. Mounts get flying mount trait)
    • -25% mana
SkyWormSlayer Achievement
  • Defeat a giant Sky Worm in the first 30 days.
Lover 3p
  • Doubled chance to generate relation quests.
  • Characters at 90%+ relation start battles with 3 strength/magic charges
Lover Achievement
  • Reach 200+ score on a date.
HiddenPower 5p
  • Special effect for each Main Character.
    • Evolution: Can freely change element and damage type of any character.
    • Creation: TentacleSwarm skill.
    • Druid: +1 skilltree node for each category.
    • Other: Double starting genes.
God Achievement
  • Defeat ???.
Robots 3p
  • Robots may spawn in the wild.
Mechanical Achievement
Unknown 10p
  • Start with an "Unknown" character.
    • She has the starter trait and doesn't count as elite.
  • You can use more potions than usual.
Unknown Achievement
  • Hatch a special egg. Combined powers.
Synergist 5p Synergist Achievement
  • Start a fight with 2 full rank 5 species synergies.
Rebirth 5p
  • Allow rebirth once per game.
  • Select a character to upgrade genes/growth and reset them.
NeutralWin Achievement
  • Win with none of the 3 Main Characters.
Natural -5p
  • You can't fuse or hatch characters.
  • All characters have doubled stamina regeneration.
  • All characters can increase max level similar to starters.
Natural Achievement
  • Win without ever fusing or hatching.
Delayed -3p
  • Your rivals start with +40 power.
War Achievement
  • Hidden end (Creation)
FungalCompanions 5p FungalBond Achievement

Starters[ | ]

You can choose your starters species, genes and traits.

Initially you can only pick from Base Species.
After you unlock a Hybrid Species in the gallery you can also pick them.

You will receive starting Essence based on what primary species you've picked for your starters. If you choose hybrid species make sure that you've chosen the right primary species, as Centaur/Mermaid and Mermaid/Centaur starters will have different essence.

Additionally you can see your starters species description, base stats and possible, as well as guaranteed skills.

Challenge Rank[ | ]

Challenge Ranks provide additional difficulty increases that do not affect other unlockable settings. Instead of allowing more flexible options, Challenge Ranks simply make the game harder. However, there exists a rare Achievement at clearing a Challenge Rank 10 game with a powerful reward.

Each CR up to 10 has a unique global modifier that complicate a playthrough in its own ways. Beginning with CR11, more general, numerical bonuses begin to apply to enemies. There appears no limit to how many Challenge Ranks can pile up.

With a brand new game, the Challenge Rank is limited to 0. Each time the player clears a game in the highest Challenge Rank, the next rank is unlocked for future playthroughs.

Rank Details[ | ]

  • 1: Enemies have +25% strength/magic/LDmg. The player cannot flee on the first turn.
  • 2: Portals spawn less frequently and cost +400% more gold to enter.
  • 3: Unstable portals' hostility increases by 2.
  • 4: Brothel work earns half as much. Enemies' LRes inccreases by 2.
  • 5: King's quests remain active for 1 less day. The King is stronger.
  • 6: Enemies have +1 speed and armor.
  • 7: Shop, tavern, and market purchases cost increases by 100%.
  • 8: Enemies have +25% HP and an additional genetic trait.
  • 9: Enemies start battles defending.
  • 10: King's quests remain active for 1 less day. The King is even stronger.
  • After clearing a Challenge Rank 10 game, the player may play even higher CR games with repeating bonuses for enemies.
  • 11+: All enemy stats increase by 2% for every additional rank.
  • 11, 16, 21...: Hostility of everything increases by 1.
  • 12, 17, 22...: Enemy strength and magic increase by 1.
  • 13, 18, 23...: Enemy armor increases by 1.
  • 14, 19, 24...: Rival power increases by 10.
  • 15, 20, 25...: Enemy LDmg and LRes increases by 1. (Note: CR15 does not increase enemy LRes; the effect kicks in with CR20 and above).

New Game+[ | ]

You can only start NG+ by starting a new run and winning the game. It allows you to carry over 5 characters and equipped items. It will also increase the difficulty.

For more information look here.