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Sylvie is an Impure Human and co-founder of the Guild, she keeps track of all the active Portals.

Overview[ | ]

Like most other Town NPCs, Sylvie has a few unique aspects to her.
First is her genetic trait Unstable, which makes her useful at the Farm by allowing her to breed any Base Species.
She also has the Cook and Musician skills giving her great versatility while Camping.

As with the rest of the Town NPCs, Main Character can learn an unique skill once their relations with Sylvie hit 100, which is used exclusively when both are in battle. Sylvie's unique skill is Conduit, it moves all temporary effects from Sylvie to her neighbours.

Combat[ | ]

Sylvie is an all-rounder frontline unit with an extensive array of passives affecting her melee attacks.

With a Max Level of 20, Agile and being able to deal True damage, Sylvie's one of the few Town NPCs able to stay relevant in combat beyond the early game. If you are planning in using her unique passive ChaosBuff, you should consider making Sylvie a SexMaster first so that she doesn't become Vulnerable when she fuck during combat, as it gives her a random positive buff when she gets fucked during combat.

Relationship[ | ]

The following actions raise her relations with the MC.

  • Claiming any exploration or battle portal quest reward (+1 Relation, no cap)
  • Relaxing with her when she's in her room (+1 Relation up to 30, +2 Stamina, takes 30 minutes)
  • Gifting her 100 gold (+3 Relation up to 30, then +1 Relation, caps at 50, -100 Gold)
  • Setting one of your units as a Helper (chance of daily +2 to +6 Relation, no cap)
  • Date (Requires 20 or more relations to unlock. Relation and Lewdity received change based on choices you make)

Wife[ | ]

Marrying Sylvie will grant you +1 to Fusion trait selection.

After becoming your wife she can learn the following skills:

Events[ | ]

When you first visit the Portals during first few days of a new game, you will trigger an event with Sylvie in which you can take a free TeleportStone or decline, which will increase your Relation with her by 20.

There's a chance to encounter Sylvie in her room where she's taking care of Castalia's dick though a small portal, you can help her, and gain 25 gold, +5 relations and +1 Lewdity up to 3, or you can leave, which decreases your relations with her by 2.

There's a chance to encounter Sylvie in her room where she in the middle of being "assaulted" by tentacles, you can choose to destroy the tentacles (-10 relations), leave, or watch her (+1 Lewdity, up to 3).
If you're playing as Creation, you have the option of summon more tentacles (+1 Lewdity, up to 4).
If you choose to destroy the tentacles, you will decrease your relations by 10, but you can help her clean up your mess (+5 relations) or you can just leave.

Notes[ | ]

Sylvie work at the Portals between 8:00 and 22:00, and the rest of the time she can be found in her Own Room.

As an impure species, she is not eligible for Rituals.

Sex Skills

She starts with None in all her sexual skills, and can get up to God in all skills.


Interests in Cock: Likes (30) and her optimal size is Medium.
Interests in Pussy: Craves (80) and her optimal tits size is Tiny.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Before she was part of the guild, she was a merchant in a small village.
  • She has a scientist brother that works in the guild, he has not appeared in the game yet.
  • When the portals opened, she became a test subject for the guild so they could understand the genetics of new species. This is why she can change her ears and tails at will.
  • Sylvie and Castalia have a working relationship, in which Castalia uses a small portal so that Sylvie can take care of her dick.