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Farm is one of the main locations in town.

Here you can check the characters assigned to the Farm and manage their pairing and milking.

You can also manage the egg hatching and perform character fusion.

Actions[ | ]

Hatching[ | ]

Place owned eggs in a room to start the hatching process. Eggs must be placed within 5 days of acquisition. There are 5 rooms in total, each of which can be changed into specific types and upgraded with up to 3 bonus effects (except for the basic "outside" room). Each room can have up to 5 eggs hatching at once. Certain Egg types must be placed in specific room types or at least greatly benefit from an appropriate placement. Each room can also be assigned a Hatcher, which will speed up hatching by a percentage based on their Magic stat, with an extra bonus if their type matches the eggs. Rooms cannot be changed or upgraded while an egg is placed. Once an egg is placed, it cannot be moved, only destroyed.

While egg stats are determined by a combination of their parents genes and traits, it is possible to boost genes while placing them, at the cost of stability. Crystals can also be spent to boost both growth and stability. If an eggs stability is below 100%, it can fail to hatch and be lost. Regardless of hatching success, an egg will always provide a crystal as bonus (including eggs destroyed by removal or non-placement).

At 100% growth, an egg is ready to hatch at the players command. The resulting character can either be accepted as a new recruit or be immediately assigned to the workforce without the usual requirements.

Character Fusion[ | ]

Sacrifice two characters to create one new character with values from both. Focusing certain skills may create otherwise unavailable skills, see Skill Combinations

Notes[ | ]