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A small shop connected to underwater caves. Lumira waves you over.

The Shop is one of the main locations in Town. Here you can interact with Lumira, and buy/sell Items.

Actions[ | ]

Buy Items
  • Buy an item that Lumira sells in her shop. Increase Lumira relation by 1 with every item you buy, no cap.
  • The cost of consumable Item is based in how many uses they have.
  • Every few days the shop stock size and item tier are increased (up to Legendary tier).
  • Items become cheaper as your Relation with Lumira increases.
  • Items are restock every 3 days.
Sell Items
  • Sell one of the items in your stash for half of their value.
  • Consumable selling price is based in how many uses they have left.
  • Hasten the restock cycle of the shop to the next day. Costs 300 gold.

Lumira Actions[ | ]

Spend Time
  • You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with her to unlock this action, see Dating for a more in detail look.
  • Unlike others Town NPCs, Lumira has multiple ways to spend time with her.
  • You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with her to unlock this action.
  • She can teach one of your unit the learned Swimmer skill for 300 gold. It takes one of her Actions to do so.
  • Give her 100 gold (+3 Relation up to 30, then +1 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50).
  • Change Looks (Increase her Lewdity to unlock new options).
  • Sex (Need Lewdity 4 or more. If Lewdity is 0, gain +1. If Lewdity is lower than 4, -2 Relation).
  • Recruit her (Need Relation 80 or more).

Quest[ | ]

Spend gold in the shop, including restocking.


Events[ | ]

When you enter the shop during the first days of a new game, you will trigger an event in which Lumira gives you one free item, you can choose between a Sword, a ManaAmulet, a Staff, a LeatherArmor, or a HealthPotion.

If your Relation with Lumira is 80 or more , an event can be triggered while she's working in the shop in which she will put a special tier Item for sale.

Notes[ | ]

  • Lumira is present from the start of the game the entire day 0 and day 1 and then from 05:00 - 19:00 afterwards.
  • A good source for consumables in general.

Trivia[ | ]

The cave in Lumira's shop is connected to many places by underwater passages.