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Beach is a popular place to relax in town, This is one of the NPC date locations.

You can also fish here.

Actions[ | ]

Relax (30m)
Recover 2 stamina
Increase Morale by 1
Fish (1h)
Catch fish for various resources (minigame). No stamina cost

Fish Minigame[ | ]

Fish types

-Common white fish: easy and fast to catch. They give food. Focus on them if you want to maximize food gain

-Small worm eaters: they eat your worms. Avoid them

-Big tentacle fish: rare material.

-There are a few more. Need to add them, add their drops, and their images. Maybe a main fishing page for all fish locations is better

General fishing tip

You want to move your hook very quickly towards what you want to fish until it is near. Then stay still to avoid scaring them.


You can make about 8 food reliably per fishing session if you focus on white fish. 8 food for 1 hour and 0 stamina is more efficient than the prince's food making skill, and hunting at the forest

Notes[ | ]