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When you go to a fishing location, you can start the fishing game. Here you use a fishing rod to catch fish. Fishing costs 1 game hour, and takes 1 IRL minute. The rod is laterally with your mouse pointer. To extend and retract the fishing line, you click the left and right mouse buttons. During the game, fish appear from both sides of the screen, and you want to capture them, except piranhas, those just steal your bait. You can reel in fish (except piranhas) once your hook touches them. But if you move it too close to them they flee, so you have to drop it close to a fish, and wait a second.

Fishing locations and weather


The game divides all fishing locations into three types. Each type has different distribution of fish.

  • Common:
    • Where: the lake location in town and any biome not listed below. They share the same fish.
    • Fish:
  • Beach:
    • Where: location in town.
    • Fish:
  • Forest
  • Lava
  • Cave biome
  • Tendril biome


Fish types

Each fish gives different resources and score when caught. Score is useless.

Stuff that changes: movement, drag speed, rewards, score, fear range, interest in bait

Habitat listing is only complete for beach and lake.

Image Name Resource Score Habitat Behavior
FoodFish 2 Food 20 Beach, Lake Slow movement, very low fear, high interest in bait. They are easy catches.
StoneFish 1 Stone 15 Beach, Lake Slow movement, very low fear, low interest in bait. The biggest obstacle is that they're slow to reel in, so try to snag them close to the surface.
WoodFish 1 Wood 5 Beach, lake Fast movement, moderate fear, high interest in bait. Easy enough to catch, but their movement and interest can also make them obstacles in trying to catch other fish.
CrystalFish 1 Crystal 20 Beach, lake Very fast movement, high fear, high interest in bait. The trick is to take advantage of their movement and interest and try to place the bait where they can outrace other fish to the bait.
Piranha None Everywhere, common Slow movement, very low fear, very high interest in bait. These can't be caught and will just steal your bait, chasing it with their high interest. A right nuisance.
TentacleFish TentacleFish material Beach Slow movement, very low fear, very low interest in bait. Next to no fear really, you can just shove the hook in their mouths. Easy catches.
CaveFish CaveFish


PinkFish 1 Food

200 gold

Beach,Lake Moderate movement, high fear, moderate interest in bait. One of the rarer and arguably the hardest to catch.
PoisonFish 2 poison


Lake, Extra spawn chance during petalStorm
SunFish SunFish


Anywhere, but only if Weather = sunny or intenseheat
RainFish RainFish


Anywhere, but only if Weather = rainy or heavyrain
General fishing tip

You want to move your hook very quickly towards what you want to fish until it is near. Then stay still to avoid scaring them.

IFishing foodfish at the beach is usually more efficient in terms of time and stamina than hunting at the forest. And if we convert gold to food, brothel work takes quite a bit of skill levels ( sexskills around 7 or 8), to compare to fishing. "Usually" here means catching 4 or more foodfish