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Lumira is a Siren merchant that runs her own Shop in Town.

Overview[ | ]

Like most other Town NPCs, Lumira has some unique aspects to her.
First is her genetic trait Gills, which allows access to WaterPortals. Useless on Lumira, and not worth a trait slot on another unit either, since it doesn't even turn a Land Mount into a Water Mount.
The other one, her special trait HealingAura, is more interesting. It allows her to spend energy to heal your party when Camping.

As with the rest of the Town NPCs, Main Character can learn an unique skill once their relations with Lumira hit 100, which is used exclusively when both are in battle. Lumira's unique skill is WaterRecall, which teleports Lumira to the MC, shields her and turns adjacent tiles into water tiles.

Combat[ | ]

Lumira is a tank support unit that can create water tiles, Strengthen, and Heal other units.

Thanks to her high Health growth, she can stay in the frontlines to actually make use of her DrainMana passive, unlike most casters.
She also has high Mana and Magic growth, as well as decent Lust growth, giving her solid stats.

Relationship[ | ]

The following actions raise her relations with the MC.

Wife[ | ]

Marrying Lumira will grant your aquatic characters doubled daily stamina regeneration, +5 crystals per day and better shop items

After becoming your wife she can learn the following skills:

Events[ | ]

When you enter the Shop during the first days of a new game, you will trigger an event in which Lumira gives you a free item, you can choose between a Sword, a ManaAmulet, a Staff, a LeatherArmor, or a HealthPotion.

If her Relations with you are 80 or more, an event can be triggered while she's working in her shop in which she will put a special tier Item for sale.

Notes[ | ]

She can be found working at her Shop between 5:00 and 19:00.

Sex Skills

She start with Bad in all her sexual skills, and can get up to Master in Ass and Cock, and God in the rest.


Interests in Cock: Neutral (0) and her optimal size is Medium.
Interests in Pussy: Loves (50) and her optimal tits size is Small.

Trivia[ | ]

  • As a Mermaid she has trouble moving about on land.