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Castalia is a futa Unicorn that work at the Library in Town.

Overview[ | ]

Like most other Town NPCs, Castalia has a few unique aspects to her. First is her genetic trait Royal, which increase her brothel value by 25%, making her invaluable when setting up units for the Brothel. Evolution and Creation can just copy her trait and give it to others units, while Prince need to set up a Breeding program. As with the rest of the Town NPCs, the MC can learn an unique skill once its relation with Castalia hits 100, which is used exclusively when both are in battle. Castalia's unique skill it's LustBurst, which removes all Lust from Castalia, dealing damage to all neighbours equal to half that amount.

Combat[ | ]

Castalia is a support unit that is very similar to a normal Unicorn but with access to FullHeal and Protect, and she has the Mana growth to use them, insuring that your team is always in top form. She also has an unique passive LastingMagic, which gives the ally unit she fucks Empower for the rest of the combat, making her a great support for magic heavy teams.

Relationship[ | ]

The following actions raise her relation with the MC.

  • Summit any new species to the library bestiary (+5 Relation, no cap, lose the character)
  • Offer her a character with Mana gene 5+ and the Intelligent trait. (+5 Relation, no cap, lose the character and gain level-based gold)
  • Read at the library while she's present (+1 Relation up to 30, +2 Stamina, chance of +5 exp, takes 30 minutes)
  • Bathe with her at the river (+2 Relation, not cap, +3 Stamina, takes 30 minutes)
  • Sleep with her in her room (Need a Relation of 50 or more to unlock this action. +3 Relation, no cap, +40 Stamina, gain Cock sex skill, takes 6 hours)
  • Gift her 100 gold (+6 Relation up to 30, then +2 Relation, caps at 50, -100 Gold)
  • Set one of your units as a Helper (chance of daily +2 to +6 Relation, no cap)
  • Date (Need a Relation of 20 or more to unlock this action. Relation and Lewdity received change based on choices you make)

Events[ | ]

When you first enter the Arena during the first days of a new game, she will be arguing with Aila about whether strength or intelligence is better. Choosing intelligence will increase her Relation with you by +10, while choosing strength will decrease her Relation with you by -10.

Once a day and as long as your relationship with Castalia is at 21 or above, you can trigger one of two events with her in the Research Room. The first one is helping her to milking centaur cocks, it takes 1 hour and you gain exp in Hand and Mouth sex skills, and if you're playing Evolution or Creation you also unlock random types of centaur based species. The second one is drinking a mysterious vial and receiving a blowjob from Castalia, it takes 30 minutes and this will either increase your cock size or your cum amount permanently.

Notes[ | ]

Castalia has the most dynamic schedule of all the Town NPCs, working in the library between 7:00 and 18:00, doing research in the Research Room between 18:00 and 22:00, sleeping in her Aila-Castalia Room between 23:00 and 5:00, and taking baths in the River between 6:00 and 7:00.

Castalia is the only Unicorn without Charge movement.

When you start a new game with the Partner trait, you must make sure to recruit her before triggering the event in the Arena, which can cause her Relation with you to go lower that the one needed to recruit her.

Sex Skills

She starts with Bad in all her sexual skills, and can get up to God in all skills.


Interests in Cock: Neutral (0) and her optimal size is Giant.
Interests in Pussy: Neutral (0) and her optimal tits size is Large.

Trivia[ | ]

  • She is roommate with Aila in the Arena.
  • She was a heir of a powerful family in her old world but when the portals opened she abandon her old life.
  • She doesn't like how dirty and full of insects the forest is.