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The Library is part of the arena building, where many people spent their time waiting for the next battles. Castalia is here writing down stories told by others.

The Library is one of the main locations in Town. Here you can interact with Castalia and complete the bestiary.

Actions[ | ]

  • You can read one of the books from the library. You gain +2 Stamina and a chance of +5 exp, it takes 30 minutes. If Castalia is present you also gain +1 Relation with her, up to 30. May rarely trigger events.

Requires befriending Castalia's assistant. Useable once per day. Triggers a repeatable event with options.

  • Submit any new species: You can submit any non-base humanoid species into the bestiary. You gain 5 points for the library quest, plus one extra point per current level of the species submitted. This removes that character permanently from your Home. You can only submit each species once. Your Relation with Castalia also increases by +5.
  • Each new species submitted permanent increase your income by 20 Gold.
  • You get an income of +1 Semen depending of the specie submitted.
  • Here you can see information about how the game work and how it is played.

Castalia Actions[ | ]

  • Offer her a character with Mana gene 5+ and the Intelligent trait. (+5 Relation, no cap, lose the character and gain level-based gold)
Spend Time
  • Date: You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with her to unlock this action, see Dating for a more in detail look.
  • It takes one of her Actions to create a potion.
  • You need to complete the correspondent library quest to buy each type of potion.
  • One HealthPotion with 2 uses for 300 gold.
  • One ManaPotion with 2 uses for 300 gold.
  • One VirilityPotion with 2 uses for 400 gold.
  • One FertilityPotion with 2 uses for 400 gold.
  • One FemalePotion with 2 uses for 500 gold.
  • One MalePotion with 2 uses for 500 gold.
  • One FutaPotion with 1 use for 1.000 gold.
  • You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with her to unlock.
  • She can teach one of your unit the learned Trainer skill for 500 gold. It takes one of her Actions to do so.
  • Give her 100 gold (+3 Relation till 30, then +1 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50).
  • Change Looks (Increase her Lewdity to unlock new options).
  • Recruit her (Need Relation 80 or more).

Quest[ | ]

Submit new non-base humanoid species for the bestiary.


Events[ | ]

  • When you complete the library quest "Get 200 points", you will trigger an event where Castalia will thank the MC for its help and offer them a potion that will alter its genetic information, the MC will gain one of the following traits: Telekinetic, Stud, Shielding, Nimble, Berserker, or InnerHealing, or you can choose none, in which case she will give you a Light Shard.

Notes[ | ]