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Overview[ | ]

The Prince is one of the main characters of Portals of Phereon and opposes both Evolution and Creation. His goal is to prevent them from achieving their goals by ending the cycle of the two gods, as he believes the world's fate should be determined by the people within it. He is the son of the king within the main game's city, and is beholden to his reputation. He has to complete requests from the king or risk losing by having his reputation fall too low.

Progression[ | ]

The Prince has a unique progression system than can make him one of the most powerful units within the game. His core stats are completely unaffected by genes or levels, and he gains all of his abilities from his skill trees. He gains skill points from leveling up a role by selecting it in the (C)hange menu. Each role may be leveled to 20, or 25 with Potential. He will gain global and leveltype skill points for allocation within the twelve skill trees offered, with two branches under each type. There are six roles to progress in:

Strength[ | ]

Focuses on melee combat, providing stat growth to strength, health and virility. Greatly increases damage output in close quarters. Very powerful when stacked with the endurance and dexterity trees.

Magic[ | ]

Focuses on his chosen element and spirits, provides stat growth to mana and magic. Gives unique skill tree based on chosen element. High nuking potential with ranged magic, and environment manipulation.

Support[ | ]

Focuses on healing and control abilities. Provides stat growth to mana and magic. Can turn the Prince into the party's primary healer, and the growth to magic scales with all magic abilities. This allows him to be an incredible hybrid nuker/healer/support.

Dexterity[ | ]

Focuses on movement skills and unique trickster skills. Provides stat growth to speed, strength, and health. The trickster skill tree has some creative skills that can be very strong when used properly. Backstab and Mobile are also very strong abilities.

Endurance[ | ]

Focuses on tanking. Provides stat growth to armor, health, and strength. Level this role tree to turn the Prince into an undying front-liner. Goes well with any other role, but particularly strength and dexterity.

Seduction[ | ]

Focuses on dishing out lust damage and lust resilience, and also provides a passive spirit companion spawn. Provides stat growth to lust and virility. Can create a seducer with this tree, especially when paired with Beautiful.

Naturally, with each role providing its own set of levels, the Druid requires more exp than the other MCs, and with some nodes requiring more skill points than can be earned with a single level, the Druid also gains stats more slowly. Where he falls behind in raw power, he makes up for with special abilities and, more significantly, the large number of passives that he can permanently gain to great effect. The end result is more than enough to challenge the weakened gods.

Even after you've finished spending all your skill points, each leveltype gives a bonus with his TakeStance passive that gives a buff depending on which role you've selected.

The Druid doesn't have a set number of Kings Quests he's allowed to fail, giving him more leeway so long as he keeps his reputation up, and without the need to seek out new species to ritual with, he has more time he can spend on other things. He also has an easier time where resources are concerned, as he can create his own food and wood if necessary, and without the need to absorb the crystals that spawn in the wild, he's free to collect them all too.