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Overview[ | ]

Unique Human. Lina can only be recruited by the Druid. If the King is alive in the late parts of the game, he will trigger a quest to save Lina. You will have to enter an unstable portal and fight a slime based team at the end. Upon victory you will get Lina and a couple of Seedling Girls.

Combat[ | ]

Lina doesn't come with any traits, her skill set is mostly support, and she has a misc slot instead of a weapon slot, but don't be fooled. Lina is very much combat orientated and her passives make her a strong fighter. Her Slashing attacks cause Bleeding, she Burns enemies for extra damage, and her MagicStrike uses her Magic to deal an additional hit right through Armor.

Of interest is her unique skill, AbsorbSeed, which destroys a Seedling to give Lina 2 AP and 2 Magic/Strength charges, giving her a big boost in power. However this means sacrificing a party slot.

Events[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Lina can also spawn Seedlings for 10 stamina like the Druid, but hers come with three or four traits.

Trivia[ | ]