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Species with the highest potential. Most civilized and structured worlds have a few of them as their rulers.

Soul Draining[ | ]

Special skill: SoulDrain (10 stamina): Destroy another character (other species).

This character will gain all genetic traits of the sacrificed character and upgrade all growth values to the sacrificed characters values if they were higher. If any value was raised, also increase max level by 1. Additionally removes injury.

Using SoulDrain you can raise max level by 50 with this order of sacrifices, the order becomes less strict the lower on the list you go:

Growths: hp:3 mp:2 st:1,8 ma:2 ld:2 sp:1,7
Max Growths: hp:3 mp:2 st:2 ma:2,2 ld:2 sp:2 +50 LVs

Using growth skills and "potential" hatching upgrade could fill in holes and raise growths higher.

Lonada's manabound skill can be used to set strengh growth to 0, allowing you to gain more levels. In testing I got to max lv:103 without using the "potential" hatching upgrade, max lv above 110 may be possible.
Theoretical Max Growths: hp:3,5 mp:2,6 st:2,5 ma:2,6 ld:2,5 sp:2 and about 30+ extra LVs. As Avy gains +10 max level, flying movement and SoulDrain from her quest her theoretical max level is +100 (over powered).

Strategies[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Lina, Avy, and Xhana each have a Guardian gene despite not being of Guardian species and can be used to breed guardians, either with each other or via fusing offspring together while focusing two Guardian genes.

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