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Species with the highest potential. Most civilized and structured worlds have a few of them as their rulers.

Strategies[ | ]

You get one from the Avy storyline by choosing to fight the guardians. Can also be bred with Avy or Xhana.

  • Got her from a Human/Human Egg after agreeing to get closer to Lina and breeding manually (other 2 out for 3 Human eggs were invalid)

Notes[ | ]

Special skill: SoulDrain (10 stamina): Destroy another character (other species). This character will gain all genetic traits of the sacrificed character. and upgrade all growth values to the sacrificed characters values if they were higher. If any value was raised, also increase max level by 1. also removes injury.

using SoulDrain you can raise max level by 35 with this order of sacrifices:

hp:3 mp:2 st:1,8 ma:2 ld:2 sp:1,7

1 eagle            st:1,1

2 beast taur        hp:1,1 st:1,2

3 plant harpy         hp:1,2

4 wolf mermaid         st:1,3

5 soldier ant         hp:1,3

6 lizard        hp:1,4

7 spider girl        mp:1,1

8 shrimp girl        hp:1,6

9 mermaid        hp:1,7

10 fish taur        hp:1,8

11 mosquito girl    ld:1,2

12 fish succubus    ld:1,3

13 succubus        ld:1,4

14 demon harpy        sp:1,1

15 harpy        sp:1,2

16 beast lizard        ma:1,1

17 fire lizard        st:1,4

18 fire beast        ma:1,2

19 lymean        mp/ma:1,25

20 shadow        mp:1,3

21 plant        mp:1,4

22 lava            ma:1,3

23 crystal        ma:1,4

24 beast        sp:1,5

25 harpy fish        st:1,5

26 lava brood        mp:1,5

27 lavatuar        ma:1,5

28 siren        ld:1,5

29 mantis        st:1,8

30 light bug        mp:1,7

31 insect        mp:2

32 squid (tentacle)    ma:1,7

33 light tanid        ma:2

34 vampire        ld:1,8

35 gem girl        hp:3 sp:1,7

unit_c            ld:2