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A Shadow Djinn is an Elite shadow spirit whose simple presence can empower allied shadow units. With ready access to offensive area-of-effect Shadow spells and powerful shadow utility spells, a Shadow Djinn can easily dictate how the battle will turn.

Evolution[ | ]

A Shormy, upon hitting its level cap, can evolve into a Shadow Djinn. It has seven different options in the process:

Level Type Learned Skills
Average ShadowSpear
Magic ShadowWave
Magic MagicMissile
Support ShadowPrison
Support Banish
Support ShadowPulse
Support Darkness

A Shadow Djinn is a final form of Shadow Spirits and lose the Evolving special trait upon evolution.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

A Shadow Djinn appearing in battle on your side will grant every shadow unit 3 magic charges due to their ShadowSupport passive. While that alone would be impactful enough, a Shadow Djinn can wield direct-damage spells or manipulate the terrain and enemies themselves as well.

Their powerful magic growth lends well to an offensive caster role. ShadowWave and MagicMissile are particularly notable in this - both cone-shaped area-of-effect damaging spells that can wipe out entire sections of enemies. Due to how these two spells work, the WindShaper genetic trait can double their damage output, given proper enemy formations.

Though they do not have specific skills toward seduction, their lust growth is notable.

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