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The Light Spirit is the base spirit of its spirit species. Like other base spirits, the Light Spirit can barely contribute to the actual combat. However one summoned by the player will have its unique LightAffinity genetic trait, boosting the team's experience gain after a victory.

Evolution[ | ]

Upon reaching its level cap, a Light Spirit can evolve into one of the following spirits:

  • Light Orb, a fragile but mobile caster that can evolve further into either a Ring Beast or a Holy Spirit;
  • Light Bee, a fluffy close-quarters unit whose sting can pierce or heal with no further evolution;
  • Light Nymph, a cheery, versatile support unit (specifically requiring a max level of 10 or above to evolve into);
  • Spirit Beast, a shooter with a wide toolkit of options that brings good luck (specifically requiring its gallery unlock to evolve into), or
  • Celestial, a powerful and versatile caster (specifically requiring the ShadowAffinity genetic trait).

Druid can also choose to evolve them into ElementalSeeds.

Overview[ | ]

The Light Spirit is a base spirit of the light spirits species that the Main Character can summon if they choose Light as their affinity. Summoning one expends 20 stamina, spawning a Light Spirit with the LightAffinity genetic trait. Like with other base spirits provided by the UniqueStarter difficulty modifier, the lone Light Spirit generated this way does not have this trait.

Light Spirits can be either reshaped or evolved upon reaching their level cap, like all other base spirits. Each reshaping increases the level cap by 3 (up to the lower of 20 or what's permitted by the world level) and some genes, but the spirit's current level will revert to 1.

Combat[ | ]

Base spirits are generally weak already, but Light Spirits require further elaboration. Do not be fooled by their Support level type, complete lack of any direct combat utility, or adorably abysmal growths - Light Spirits actually are even more useless in battle than you imagine. They are perhaps the most fragile among all base spirits and enemies will see them as easy targets, which is an astute observation on their part.

Aside from their powerful evolutions, Light Spirits (specifically their unique genetic trait) contribute to the team by increasing the experience gain after a victory. Its presence in the party will increase the experience gained by 25%. This does not stack, but the Light Spirit itself will gain 50% extra experience from victory. Perhaps surviving at all was more difficult and challenging than it is for others or perhaps it knows it has to stop being a Light Spirit as soon as possible.

In a team that relies heavily on more advanced light spirits, however, the base Light Spirit can contribute significantly by Enlightening allies. Many skills and abilities that light Elites bring are unlocked or enhanced by Enlightenment.

Additionally, Light Spirits (like others of its spirit species) Illuminate tiles when they move and can destroy shadow tiles by moving adjacent to them.

Overworld[ | ]

Light Spirits are Glowing units, increasing the sight range and allowing all units in hostile parties to be discerned.

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • They can also be summoned by Lyra for 10 stamina, whose Light Spirits will come small sized with an additional Floating trait. All of the Light Spirit's evolved forms already fly, making the downside of Floating not worth it. Consider Lyra's Light Spirits a source of Floating to fuse to other units.

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