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The Love Spider is an Elite water spirit that is really happy to see you. In fact, whenever a Love Spider is on the battlefield, everyone is happy to see everyone else - the Love Spider's unique Indulgence passive allows you to fuck anyone without lust requirement.

Evolution[ | ]

The Love Spider is a final Elite evolution of a Water Spirit. To reach this stage, the spirit must have evolved into a Water Spider first. In this final evolution, the spirit is given six choices:

Level Type Learned Skills
Seduction MassSeduction
Seduction Bewitch
Support HiveRecall
Support MagicCheer
Support InsectMarch
Support Rain

The Love Spider is an Elite unit and does not evolve further, thus losing the Evolving special trait.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

At a glance, the Love Spider may appear to be a standard seducer that also happens to an Insectoid, with average-to-adequate growths, usual seduction skills, and energy/mana-transfering insect tricks. But the most significant impact the Love Spider brings upon battle is her unique Indulgence global passive. Its effect is simple: anyone can fuck any enemy without lust requirement. While fucking an enemy at 0 lust would naturally fail to recruit them, other onFuck effect will still apply - Stun from Lust Armor, resource transfer from InsectGirl/Insectoid arsenal, or any other game effect that relies on a unit fucking another.

Of course, even without this the Love Spider excels at fulfilling the seducer role. She can reposition herself rapidly and, with Agile, she can approach hostiles without being bogged down. Access to HiveRecall and InsectMarch can drive her position as an Insectoid seducer further.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

  • Can produce eggs at Home at the cost of 10 energy and 10 stamina.
    • Works as if she bred with herself.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Assigned at the Farm, the Love Spider produces Silk and Aphrodisiac.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]