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The Poison Arachnid is an Elite evolution of the Grass Spirit. She is adequate in all areas like other grass spirits and can be shaped into whatever role you assign her. In Insectoid teams, however, the Poison Arachnid's access to EnergyVenom and InsectMarch may make her one of the most useful support options.

Evolution[ | ]

The Poison Arachnid is a final evolution of the Grass Spirit with the option being open for a Plant Spider that has reached its level cap. Upon evolution, the Plant Spider gets seven choices that decide the unit's level type and new skill:

Level Type Learned Skills
Support EnergyVenom
Average PoisonCloud
Strength Slice
Magic PoisonHeal
Dexterity PoisonStep
Dexterity LongJump
Support InsectMarch

The Poison Arachnid is an Elite spirit and has no further evolution, thus losing the Evolving special trait.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Like other grass spirits, the Poison Arachnid is an excellent all-rounder. Her growths are only very slightly lacking in Magic and Lust, all being somewhere between adequate and great. As such, the choice of level type and skills matter the most. Choosing the Strength option teaches her Slice, which is an excellent single-target attack skill, and shapes the Poison Arachnid into a solid damage dealer. One of Dexterity options teaches her LongJump, letting the player use the Poison Arachnid's solid growths in a mobile striker role.

Support options, on the other hand, have extra synergy in an insect team. EnergyVenom is the Poison Arachnid's signature skill that she will always have access to if she weren't evolved from grounds up. It is a support skill that grants another unit extra AP at the cost of poisoning them. The skill has excellent range, allowing a less beefy Poison Arachnid to support from afar. The cooldown and the poisoning aspect can be accommodated. What's interesting, though, is that when EnergyVenom is used on an Insectoid unit, it restores 2 AP instead. The conversion of 1 AP into 2 APs is hardly found anywhere else and it will make the player wish the skill was inheritable or multiple Poison Arachnids could enter portal expeditions together.

Another thing to note is that the Poison Arachnid has access to tools that lets her poison all her enemies on the move, true to her name. Her default attacks, PoisonCloud and PoisonStep all inflict poison on enemies. On the evolution path, she can also easily pick up Toxin, giving her another poisoning option. All of this, of course, is in addition to her Agility. A team that focuses on poison damage may find the Poison Arachnid useful in having everyone be poisoned in the first place.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

  • Can produce eggs at Home at the cost of 10 energy and 10 stamina.
    • Works as if she bred with herself.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Assigned at the Farm, the Poison Arachnid produces Silk, Poison and PlantMatter. While none of these is rare or profitable, she does produce a lot.

Notes[ | ]

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