Rock Guardian

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Evolution[ | ]

A final evolution of a Rock Spirit. They can be evolved from Rock Golems with varying size changes. Alternatively they can be captured in cave portals.

They can be evolved into four different types:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Dexterity RockSplinter Size Increases
Strength EarthQuake Size Increases
Support Focus Size stays the same
Endurance Regenerate Size Decreases

Note that the evolution to Rock Golem will also increase size, so if you start with a medium Rock Spirit you can end up with a giant Rock Guardian.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

The Rock Guardian is able to wield weapons, which few Creatures are able to.

These Elites are capable of throwing out damage indiscriminately. You should be careful when using their skills as they can hit allies as well. RockSplinter will hit units in every direction, and EarthQuake is a powerful skill that can hit every unit on the field since it targets tile types (except water).

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