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The Ice Ball is an ice spirit, a step evolved from the base. While not yet capable of inflicting decisive damage, the Ice Ball can chill and freeze enemies more easily. Further, it has Heightened Senses, giving the team an edge during expeditions.

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Evolution[ | ]

An Ice Spirit, upon hitting its level cap, can evolve into an Ice Ball. In doing so the spirit learns FrostFlight and one additional skill depending on which of these options is taken:

Level Type Learned Skills
Magic FrostBolt
Endurance FlashFreeze
Support Focus

Once an Ice Ball reaches its maximum level, it can evolve into either an Ice Beast or an Eye Girl. Both are Elites with no further evolution.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

The Ice Ball, like the more mundane and less sentient snowball, is intended to be thrown at your enemies. Its hallmark skill is FrostFlight, which inflicts Frost damage to all characters adjacent to the landing hex. By nature of Frost damage, this will chill everyone and freeze who are already chilled. Despite its propensity to be thrown at enemies, however, the Ice Ball isn't remarkably great at surviving incoming damage, often crumbling and scattering like snowballs.

While its growths are even across the board, the Ice Ball may serve the team best as a mobile caster. FrostBolt also inflicts Frost damage, but from a distance, and it remains a useful skill for both of the Ice Ball's evolution options. Alternatively its access to Focus can be a source of the skill for other units.

Overworld[ | ]

The Ice Ball possesses Heightened Sense, extending the sight range during portal expeditions.

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