Rock Crab

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Evolution[ | ]

Evolved from Rock Spirit, learning a number of skills in the process. It does not evolve further.

They can be evolved into five different types:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Dexterity Guard, Slice, Toxin Size stays the same
Average Guard, Slice, Push Size Increases
Strength Slice, Pierce, KnockBack Size Increases
Support Restructure, Harden Skin, Antidote Size Increases
Endurance Guard, Restructure Size Increases

Note that they all gain one size, except the Dexterity Level Type, which is something to consider if you use a Mount. Also note the Endurance Level Type only gains two skills.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

It's a dangerous unit in close quarters, especially when surrounded. Its Slashing attacks Cleave through multiple enemies, inflicting both Bleeding and Poison, and being Agile it can hit all six enemies that surround it.

When evolved from a Rock Spirit, it will have Crash it can use to initiate. Traits to enhance Health, Strength, damage and Armor are recommended.

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