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Shormies are a shadow spirit that are fast, mobile, and adorable. Their high speed combined with innate shadow trail makes them an excellent addition to a shadow team. Also, a team with a Shormy or five will find themselves cheered up during expeditions, as these beasts of darkness count as pets.

Evolution[ | ]

A Shadow Spirit can evolve into a Shormy, receiving following four options in the process. Regardless of the choice, the Shormy will learn ShadowBond.

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Average SpreadShadow Size stays the same
Strength ShadowAttack Size stays the same
Dexterity ShadowStep Size stays the same
Dexterity MistForm Size Decreases

Once a Shormy reaches its level cap, it can evolve further into a Hole Worm, a Void Bringer, or a Shadow Djinn. Either a Shadow Bringer or a Shormy can evolve into a Void Bringer, though the two have different options for the evolution type.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Shormies have both Flying movement and ShadowTrail. Though a Shadow Bringer will create more shadow tiles, a Shormy can create long, direct shadow paths that other shadow units can use. ShadowBond further empathizes their role in mobility and positioning as this 0AP skill allows the Shormy to swap places with another unit, as long as they are on a shadow tile or in shadowform.

They are also relatively tough as the ShadowArmor passive (from which Shormies will almost always benefit) grants them automatic defense at the end of turn.

Overworld[ | ]

Shormies are adorable and everyone loves them. They have the Pet special trait, which boosts team members' morale when camping with at least one of them.

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

A Lv.1 Shormy and a piece of the Main Character's soul can be sold at the market for 100 gold. The morale cost of having summoned a Shadow Spirit will fill in eventually, but the emptiness in their heart for having abandoned a Shormy will not. Perhaps 100 gold is worth the loss.

Notes[ | ]

  • Shormies are cute and must be cuddled with.
  • Upon recruitment, Hildy joins the party with three Shormies.

Trivia[ | ]