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The Light Orb is a spiritual orb made of elemental light - a young light spirit still full of potential. While it can support others and inflict the rare Radiant damage, it is still fragile.

Evolution[ | ]

A Light Spirit can evolve into a Light Orb, learning LightBlast in the process. Further, the evolution process gives it five choices:

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Magic LightRay
Support Focus
Support MagicShield
Dexterity HolySwitch
Endurance Meditate

Once a Light Orb reaches its level cap, it can evolve into either a Ring Beast or a Holy Spirit - both powerful Elite spirits with no further evolution.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

The Light Orb is a more mobile version of the base Light Spirit with actual means of participating in battle. Depending on the Enlightenment status of the Light Orb and other allies, LightBlast can inflict direct damage, waste enemies' mana, blind enemies, and grant shielding for adjacent allies. Still, it's an area-of-effect skill with range of 1 and the Light Orb's unfortunate lack of durability will make fulfilling the ideal situation difficult and costly.

Aside from LightRay from the Magic-type evolution, other skills that the Light Orb can learn lean toward support. HolySwitch is a skill that allows the Light Orb to swap places with an ally, given that both are Enlightened. As the Light Orb can hop over enemies, this skill can be used to transport and reposition slower allies.

Overworld[ | ]

Light Orbs naturally Glow, increasing sight and revealing all members in hostile parties.

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