Water Mermaid

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Evolution[ | ]

A final evolution of a Water Spirit. They can be evolved from Water Fish or Orb Fish.

They can be evolved into four different types:

Level Type Learned Skills
Magic WaterFall
Magic Tsunami
Support MassHeal
Support Restoration

Unlike Shell Drakes or Sea Serpents, Water Mermaids have no genetic prerequisites, and is not a creature. They cannot equip weapons, gaining a second misc slot instead.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Water Mermaids are a useful addition to any Aquatic party with their LargeWaterTrail making lots of water wherever they go, without the need to use AP and Mana on a skill. They also make good casters with skills to damage or heal backed by solid Magic and Mana stats.

Following the right evolution path (Water Spirit -> Orb Fish -> Water Mermaid) a Water Mermaid can get the skills Splash, WaterSpear, ExtractMana and WaterFall making her a devastating water mage that can even recharge mana from enemies.

She is also an extremely good candidate for the "Evolution Serum" (last reward from Castalia) which would get rid of her water terrain dependency allowing her to fly and would even make her "Agile" (2 AP per turn when engaging enemy), essentially getting rid of all her weaknesses.

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